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Chapter 2 Section 24 Nepotism

Year Adopted: 2010
Revised: 2010


The College seeks to avoid favoritism or conflicts of interest, in decision-making and organizational placements, which result or reasonably appear to result from family or household relationships.

Signed Policy


  1. Definitions:

    1. Relative means (a) a parent, sibling, spouse, or child; (b) a “half” sister or brother; (c) a parent, sibling, or child denoted by the prefix “step”; (d) an aunt, uncle, nephew, or niece; (e) a cousin within the second degree; (f) a parent or child in a preceding or subsequent generation, as denoted by a prefix of "grand" or "great"; (g) a foster child; or (h) a corresponding relative of an employee’s spouse.
    2. Household member means a person who shares the same legal residence or place of residence, including a domestic partner.
  2. Prohibitions:

    1. Decision-making: No employee shall make a hiring or employment-related decision or effective recommendation at the College which involves or will affect a relative or household member. No employee shall participate in a recommendation or decision which directly affects the employment, evaluation, promotion, transfer, discipline, or terms and conditions of employment of a relative or household member.
    2. Organizational placements: An employee shall not have supervisory or reporting authority, or an audit or other control function, over a relative or household member. The College shall not employ a relative or household member of the President or of a member of the President’s Cabinet or the Board of Trustees.
  3. Exceptions:

  • The College President, or her/his designee, may make exceptions to this Policy and Procedure for good cause when this is explained in writing to the affected employee(s) in a publicly-accessible document.

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