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Chapter 1 Section 5 Naming of College Property

Year Adopted: 2011
Revised: 2014, 2019


The College continually wishes to recognize and show appreciation for exceptional contributions it has received, in personal services and/or in money, in support of its Mission. Occasionally this recognition occurs through naming of College property for a particular person.


  1. Authority and types of naming decisions

    1. Authority: The Board of Trustees has the authority to name College property for a person, either directly or by delegating that authority to the President. For purposes of this Procedure, a 11person" includes a natural person, a legal entity such as a corporation, a business, or an organization. 

    2. Bases for naming: As further specified below, the naming of College property for a particular person is based on distinguished service, a major financial contribution, or a sponsorship contribution. 

    3. Property for naming: As further specified below, any College building, facility, location, real property improvement, fixture, or personal property may be named under this Procedure. However, the naming of a building, or a room or larger space in a building, will ordinarily be based on distinguished service or a major financial contribution. 

    4. Exceptions: The Board may modify the application of this Procedure in a particular instance when it deems this appropriate to fulfill the College's Mission. 

  2. Bases for naming

    1. Distinguished service: Naming based on distinguished service requires exemplary personal character and accomplishments plus contributions of services and skills that have had a major beneficial impact on the institution over an extended period of years. For a College officer or employee, such naming may occur no sooner than one year following that person's separation from College service or upon their death. 

    2. Major financial contribution: Naming based on major financial contribution requires one or more major monetary contributions (gifts) to the College or its Foundation. Major contributions usually constitute a very substantial or critical portion of the actual cost of new construction, or of a major renovation, of the property being named. However, a major contribution may also consist of a very substantial portion of a general fundraising goal. 

    3. Sponsorship contribution: Naming based on sponsorship contribution requires a monetary contribution of an amount (or at a level) that is periodically established by the President, in conjunction with the Foundation, for all potential contributors for the particular naming placement or type of naming placement. The President, or designee, shall maintain a record of the amount or level established for each placement. 

  3. Process

    1. Distinguished service or major contribution--Proposal: Naming based on distinguished service or major financial contribution may be proposed by anyone. A proposal should be delivered or routed to the President's office. The proposal should include the proponent's name and contact information, the name designation requested, information about that person, and supporting documentation which clearly shows the appropriateness of the proposed naming. 

    2. Distinguished service or major contribution-Review of proposal: A proposal for naming based on distinguished service or major financial contribution will be reviewed by the President (and/or the President's designee) and/or by any other person(s) designated by the Board of Trustees. Such review may include obtaining input from other persons, such as College employees. When appropriate, such review may include obtaining a background check report (with any applicable authorization or consent from the named person). 

    3. Distinguished service or major contribution-Decision: After the review, the President shall make the naming decision (if the Board of Trustees has delegated this authority to the President), or the President and/or other reviewer(s) shall make a recommendation on that decision to the Board of Trustees. 

    4. Sponsorship contribution-Proposal, review, & decision: Naming based on a sponsorship contribution has been delegated to the President by the Board of Trustees. For sponsorships, the monetary contribution in the established amount will ordinarily serve as the proposal and that proposal will be deemed to be approved upon completion of the contribution, except as the President determines otherwise. 

    5. Conditions: A naming decision shall be subject to this Procedure, including part D below. The decision may be accompanied by a written agreement with the contributor, usually approved by legal counsel. 

  4. Other guidelines and rules

    1. Duration of name: A naming under this Procedure will continue for the useful life of the named College building, facility, location, real property improvement, fixture, or personal property {all referred to below as the Property) except that: 

      1. The naming may specify a shorter duration or time limit, especially when the name is of a corporation or business. 

      2. A naming based on major financial contribution or sponsorship contribution may be terminated by the Board or President if the contribution is not completed. 

      3. If the College determines that the Property must be substantially renovated or demolished in order to fulfill its intended use(s), the Board or President may terminate or modify the naming, although in that event the College should first pursue under this Procedure possible continuation of the same name. 

      4. If the property is destroyed or rendered substantially unusable by a cause that is outside the control of the College (for example, by a natural disaster), the Board or President may terminate or modify the naming. 

      5. If the person for whom or for which the Property is named acts, or is found to have acted in the past, in a manner which the College reasonably finds will harm its goodwill or standing in the community, the Board or President may terminate or modify the naming. 

      6. If an entity or organization for whom Property was named subsequently ceases to exist as an entity or organization with the same name, or through purchase or reorganization becomes part of another entity or organization with a different name, the Board or President may terminate or modify the naming. 

      7. For purposes of this Procedure, modification of a naming may include transferring the name to another Property. 

    2. Announcements, markers, and maintenance: The President, and College Foundation as appropriate, will determine: 

      1. The content, design, color, size, and placement of any physical sign, plaque, or marker which signifies or provides information about the naming; and 

      2. The ongoing care and maintenance of the Property and of any associated physical sign, plaque, or marker. 

    3. Notifications: College officers and employees will make reasonable effort to bring this Policy & Procedure to the attention of potential contributors who are interested in naming opportunities. 

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