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Chapter 6 Section 5 Motor Pool

Year Adopted: 2018
Revised: 2018


In order to conserve resources and support institutional activities, the College will, whenever possible, make a state leased vehicle available for faculty and staff to use for "official state business". Personal use is not permitted. See Transportation Policy 6.25 for additional requirements. Supervisor approval, mandatory online training and provision of valid driver license information are prerequisites to the check-out process. 

Signed Policy


Contact Security providing supervisor approval, requested date of use and estimated mileage.

Security staff will check availability and driver prerequisites (as listed in the policy) and advise the requester.

At the time of use, the requester visits the Security Office and completes the sign-out sheet in the company of any available security staff.

The requester/driver returns the vehicle to the Security Office in the same condition, clean and fueled, as when received. A vehicle returned in any other condition will initiate a charge to the requester's department.

Signed Procedure File

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