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Chapter 3 Section 9 Information & Communication Resources Acceptable Use Policy

Year Adopted: 2006
Revised: 2020


The College owns all Clover Park Technical College computing systems and applications. This policy is intended to provide users with guidelines for responsible and appropriate utilization of these campus computing and technology resources. This policy supplements Use of State Resources WAC 292-110-010, Student Conduct Code WAC 495C-120, CPTC policy Ethical Conduct, and Ethics in Public Service RCW 42.52. CPTC reserves the right to determine, at any time, what constitutes appropriate use of technology resources, network resources, access and/or services provided by CPTC.

This policy applies to all CPTC employees, students and/or non-employees who may be authorized to use technology resources. They shall be notified in writing of these policies before being granted permission to access these resources.

Use of CPTC resources shall be for the purpose of facilitating the exchange of information and furtherance of the College mission.

This policy is adopted in order to help assure the integrity and reliability of network systems, ensure the security and privacy of network systems, and ensure the protection and retention of sensitive data. Information and communication resources are those computers, computer software, networks (including access to external networks such as the Internet and the Cloud), and electronic messaging systems (email, telephone, telephone voice mail, facsimile, chat systems, instant messaging systems and imaging systems) operated by and for the benefit of students, faculty and staff of the college.


These procedures apply to all Clover Park Technical College employees, students and nonemployees who may be authorized to use computing resources. Permission for use forms can be found on the staff intranet at (Request for Administrative Access Form and Network Account Form).

General provisions for use of college information and communication resources:

  • use only for college business
  • use only resources you've been authorized to use
  • be aware of and comply with copyright laws
  • don't send or display messages that are obscene or harassing
  • other than approved IT staff, do not use software or hardware designed to capture, examine or alter network data
  • do not use to create, disseminate or execute self-replicating or other nuisance programs
  • always secure unattended workstations
  • do not forge any electronic message
  • do not share accounts and passwords created for individuals

The use of IT resources does not confer a right to privacy in those resources. Information created and posted on college resources is not private or secure.

Given sufficient cause the Vice President for Finance & Administration or his/her designee has the right to obtain access to materials stored on the Clover Park Technical College network or computers. Such access may be necessary to conduct College business, and/or to investigate a suspected illegal act or violation of policy. These materials may be gathered with or without notification to the employee.

Violations of the policy and/or this procedure may result in:

  • loss of computer use privileges;
  • denial of future access to IT resources;
  • disciplinary action up to and including termination; and/or
  • legal action.

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