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Chapter 3 Section 17 Grant/Contract/Special Project Application Review

Year Adopted: 1999
Revised: 2022


All grant/contract/special project applications or proposals will be reviewed by the appropriate parties, as indicated in the procedures, prior to submission for the consideration of a grantor. Grant/contract/special project application review is necessary to assure congruence with the college’s mission, goals and strategic plan, the availability of budget authority with regard to college resources, and quality control for consistency and content of all applications and proposals.


In order to ensure the College’s awareness of, and commitment to, proposed activities and purchases in grant proposals, a number of signoffs must occur before submission to any public or private grant opportunity. More detail on the grant development process is available in the Grant Development Plan. This procedure applies to grants which are not annual allocations or budget submittals to the State Board, which are covered by a separate process. Grants to be submitted through the CPTC Foundation also follow a separate process.

All grants submitted on behalf of the College must be reviewed by and approved by the divisional Direct Report who would oversee the work if funded, the College’s chief grants officer, and the Finance office. The grant proposal and budget narrative must be routed through these approvals at a minimum of one week before the proposal is due in order to have sufficient time to provide feedback and make corrections.

Grant budget items requiring additional approvals:

  • Personnel – If a grant is proposing to hire new personnel or significantly repurpose the time of current employees, the Executive Team must approve before the grant is submitted.
  • Capital and Facilities Purchases – If a grant is proposing renovation, construction, or the purchase of major (in cost or size) equipment, Finance and Administration must approve before the grant is submitted.
  • Matching Funds – If a grant is formally committing cash or in-kind resources (such as current employee time or campus space) as a match to a grant, the Vice President for Finance and Administration must approve before the grant is submitted.

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