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Chapter 5 Section 14 Financial Aid

Year Adopted: 2015
Revised: 2020


Clover Park Technical College will offer a comprehensive financial program for students who use college, state, and federal financial aid resources and/or appropriate foundation resources.

The financial aid office will:

  1. Provide financial aid information in college publications.
  2. Help students to get financial aid information.
  3. Determine student eligibility for financial aid.
  4. Manage the college’s financial aid programs.


The Student Aid & Scholarship Office at Clover Park Technical College will perform the following procedures to administer federal and state financial aid funds to eligible students.

Financial Aid Application Process - Student Procedures:

  1. New students must apply for admission to Clover Park Technical College and be enrolled in an eligible program.
  2. Students create a Federal Student Aid ID and complete FAFSA online at
  3. Students review the information on the Student Aid Report (SAR) for accuracy, and make any necessary corrections.
  4. Students provide any additional information or documentation as soon as possible.
  5. Students complete the Clover Park Institutional Form. If selected for Verification by the Department of Education, students complete the Verification Form found online at Students return the completed and signed Verification Form, along with the required documentation.
  6. All requested documentation must be submitted on or before the posted deadline dates for the quarter the student plans to begin attending Clover Park in order to receive a tuition hold on their account. Students who fail to complete their files by the deadline are responsible for their own tuition and upfront costs until their aid is awarded.
  7. Students can request loan funds by completing Entrance/Financial Awareness Counseling and signing the Master Promissory note at
  8. Students register for courses that are required in the student’s eligible program.

Financial Aid Eligibility - Staff Procedures:

  1. Review all eligibility edits of the Federal Student Aid Central Processing System for each financial aid applicant.
  2. Review student’s prior higher education enrollment to determine satisfactory academic progress (SAP).
  3. Review the registration information to determine program eligibility and enrollment intent.
  4. Review the admissions information to determine high school diploma or GED.
  5. Review information from the National Student Loan Database for default, concurrent enrollment, and refund of any previous grants, overpayments, Pell Grant, and loan disbursements.

Federal Direct Loan Program

  1. Students wishing to borrow under the Federal Direct Loan program must have a complete financial aid file prior to loan certification. Federal PLUS Loans require a FAFSA, Clover Park Institutional form, and verification documents, if selected.
  2. For a Federal Direct Loan, students must complete Entrance Counseling and/or Financial Aid Awareness Counseling and a Master Promissory Note online prior to receiving funds.
  3. Exit counseling materials are mailed to borrowers when they drop below six credit hours and/or leave the college.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

  1. The satisfactory academic progress (SAP) status of all aid applicants is reviewed prior to awarding financial aid.
  2. Academic progress is checked for financial aid students at the end of each term of enrollment.
  3. Students are notified of their warning or suspension status. Students in suspension status may appeal the decision and request reinstatement of eligibility, or they may reinstate themselves by paying for the following quarter on their own.

Return of Federal and State Financial Aid Funds - Staff Procedures:

  1. Determine last date of attendance.
  2. Calculate unearned tuition and grants.
  3. Refund unearned tuition to federal accounts.
  4. Bill students for unearned tuition in excess of the state refund policy and bill for any grant overpayments owed.

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