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Chapter 5 Section 17 Drug-Free Environment


Clover Park Technical College aims for a Drug-Free environment. A program has been developed to promote wellness issues, as well as prevent the illicit use of drugs and the abuse of alcohol by students and employees on college property, or as any part of the college’s activities. Possession and/or use of illicit drugs and alcohol is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and subject to disciplinary action.


Chemical dependency is a treatable condition; early identification and intervention are important to successful treatment. Clover Park Technical College is committed to a philosophy that both discourages use of illegal drugs and alcohol and encourages students and staff identified as abusing drugs/alcohol to seek appropriate treatment and help. Information about community resources and services is available through the counseling or human resource offices and shall be provided to staff and students to guide them in obtaining appropriate assistance. However, primary responsibility for seeking assistance in resolving substance abuse and attendance problems rests with the individual.

Active Drug and Alcohol Prevention Team (ADAPT)/Wellness

ADAPT is a support team composed of both certificated and classified personnel and students who have volunteered to assist other instructors, staff, and students with educational materials related to wellness issues and drug and/or alcohol concerns. Contact the Counseling Center, ext. 5526, for more information.

Instructional Contact with Students

If you have suspicions of alcohol or substance abuse in your instructional area, you may wish to do any or all of the following:

  • Document student behaviors;
  • Discuss courses of action with college crisis counselor;
  • Contact ADAPT members for educational resources;
  • Meet with the student which may result in a referral to a list of community treatment programs;
  • Serious offenses may require disciplinary action.

Non-Instructional Contact with Students

If staff members suspect a potential abuse problem either through a brief interaction with a student or by witnessing certain activities, they will need to use their professional judgment in deciding on an appropriate course of action. Depending on the situation, staff members may want to:

  • Confront the student(s) and confiscate the substances. Contact Campus Security immediately to file a report, ext. 5682.
  • Contact Security and the Risk Manager at ext. 5537 if you wish to report what you have seen but do not want to confront the student(s).

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