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Chapter 2 Section 23 Domestic Violence

Year Adopted: 2010
Revised: 2010


The College is committed to providing a work environment in which employees feel safe from harm and which fosters high levels of productivity. This means that the College will make reasonable efforts to prevent and remedy domestic violence which affects the workplace.


  1. Definitions:

    1. Domestic violence is abusive and/or harassing behavior that is physical and/or psychological and is intended by the perpetrator to harm, and/or to establish or maintain control over, a current or former family or household member. It includes violent or threatening behavior, physical or verbal, which may result in physical or emotional injury or otherwise put the victim’s well-being, safety, or productivity at risk.

    2. Domestic violence in the workplace includes any domestic violence by or against any College employee during work time or in or on College property, including offices, facilities, and vehicles.
  2. Effect on workplace: The College will not tolerate domestic violence in the workplace or which affects the workplace. Domestic violence can have substantial negative impacts on the victim and the workplace, including reduced productivity and increased absenteeism, turnover, and health care costs.

  3. Responsibilities: The College will make reasonable efforts to prevent domestic violence in the workplace or which affects the workplace, and to provide appropriate assistance to employees who are victims or perpetrators of such violence. All employees are expected to cooperate in the College’s efforts to prevent and remedy such domestic violence. In particular, managers and supervisors should:

    1. participate in training about domestic violence;
    2. provide employees with information about domestic violence or how to obtain such information (typically, calling the state domestic violence hotline [800-562-6025] or a local agency and/or referral to the Human Resources office/HR);
    3. follow up when an employee requests help or when specific concerns arise, consulting with higher management, HR, and/or the College’s employee assistance program and helping to provide appropriate assistance to employee victims and perpetrators;
    4. work with higher management, HR, and the victim in assessing the need for, and developing if appropriate, a workplace safety plan and/or any appropriate adjustments in work schedules (such as through approved leave);
    5. honor all applicable court orders, including civil protection orders, in consultation with higher management and HR; and
    6. maintain confidentiality, except as required to address a specific situation or as may be required by law.
  4. Penalties: A College employee shall be subject to corrective or disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal, when s/he:

    1. uses College resources, including but not limited to work time, property, telephones, email, mail, or fax machines, to perpetrate domestic violence, and/or
    2. perpetrates or assists in domestic violence which results in adverse effects on performance of college job responsibilities.

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