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About Simon

College mascots have been traditions of academic institutions throughout our country. The Simon character is intended to create college spirit, engage our community, be inclusive of the college's diverse academic programs and student body, and expand the college brand.

Simon is intended to be informally used:

  • to create and foster a sense of campus life;
  • in multiple media formats;
  • in accordance with college policies, procedures and brand standards;
  • by any college department on communication and materials for potential, current or past students.

Simon shall not be formally used:

  • as the official representative of the college;
  • on presidential materials;
  • on formal invitations or communications;
  • on formal academic materials;
  • as a substitute for the college logo;
  • for events or endorsements that violate state law, ethics, college policy or the student code of conduct.

How to Use Simon


Simon should appear in his CPTC brand color combination — our brand purple and green accent colors. He may also be used in grayscale for black and white products.


Simon may only be presented in the standard pose on branded merchandise for retail sale. In other applications, the mascot may be presented in other poses and holding other items. However, the following restrictions apply: a) Simon must always wear the standard costume, and b) Simon may only be presented in poses or with items that are deemed acceptable by the college.


Simon cannot be presented smaller than one inch (1").

Simon must always be shown as a whole image or in partial images that do not detach part of his anatomy from his body. However, in some applications Simon's head may be used in isolation.

Animated Applications

Simon may also be represented in three-dimensional or animated form. In these applications the restrictions to his "pose" still apply.


Modifications to these standards require written approval from the Office of Marketing & Communications.

SIMON the robot mascot of CPTC
SIMON the robot mascot of CPTC. Just his round head and purple & green hand.
SIMON the robot mascot of CPTC. Head only. It's round with w a wire hanger antenna.
SIMON the robot mascot of CPTC. His hand.

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