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A logo plays an essential role in representing an institution. Consistent and appropriate use of a logo can powerfully advance recognition of an institution’s brand. As with all branding elements, elevating an institution’s recognition and stature through a logo requires cooperation from units throughout the organization in adhering to usage standards.

All logo marks described below are trademarks of Clover Park Technical College. Anyone wishing to use the Clover Park Technical College logos must receive permission to do so from the College Relations Department. 

Logo Downloads

What Version Should I Use?

Online   X  
Print Project (Flier, Poster, Banner, Promo Item, etc.)     X
Word or Publisher Document X    


What Color Should I Use?

  Full Color Purple Green Black White
Color Project with Simple, Light Background
(Poster, email, flier, etc.)
Purple Background         X
Green Background         X
White Background X X X    
Black & White Printing       X  
Dark or Complex Background         X


Logo Usage

  • Do not use old versions of the logo
  • Do not use colors or versions of the logo other than those provided above
  • Do not distort the logo shape
  • Do not add graphics to the logo
  • Do not change the logo font
  • Do not tilt or angle the logo
  • The logo should never appear smaller than 1.5" in width
  • The logo should have at least a half inch or 20px of clear space on all sides

CPTC Official Seal

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