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Workforce Development


Building the foundation for a competitive workforce through specialized training, funding, and strategic retention efforts.


Workforce Development is dedicated to the creation, implementation, and facilitation of quality short-term educational programs, funding opportunities, and student-centered supports by being responsive to business/industry and community needs.

Strategic Priorities

  • Support the mission and goals of the College
  • Streamline access to workforce training and specialized funding sources
  • Create and foster industry partnerships


Our Programs


Roofers Apprenticeship Program
(253) 474-0528 /




Workforce Development Training & Education Program Funding Sources

Funding for programs offered through Workforce Development come from a variety of sources including state agency partnership programs, employers, federal grants, as well as sefl-funding. Some of these funding sources are:

To get assistance determining eligibility for these programs, go to STARTNEXTQUARTER.ORG

Short-term Contract Training, Grants, and Special Projects


  • For-credit
  • Certificate Programs
  • Professional Certification
  • Grant-funded
  • 1 day to 1 quarter
  • Transcript Available
  • Online, Hybrid, and Face to Face
  • Standard Registration Process



  • Multi year grant-funded training contracts



  • Sector related partnership training projects (e.g. construction trades, aerospace, clean energy, IT)
  • Workforce and Industry partnership contracting



Who We Are:

Cristeen Crouchet - Director

Workforce Development

Michelle Barre - Manager

Workforce Special Projects

Petra Perkins - Manager

Continuing Education

Roxanne Sou

Workforce Program Assistant

Roland Alba

Workforce Office Assistant

Jen Weinmann

Workforce Advisor

Fiona Johnson

Career Pathway Specialist

Kate Wendland - Specialist/Lead

WorkFirst/Worker Retraining

Hayley Saucedo - Program Assistant

WorkFirst/Worker Retraining

Jan Curtis

BFET/WorkFirst Office Assistant

Christine Campbell

Special Projects

Jim Hairston

VIE 25

Theresa Hoffman

Employment Security