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Graduation applications for students completing their programs this spring are due May 1, 2017. Fill out the application online or print it and turn it in to the Enrollment Services Office, Building 17:
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Workforce Development


Building the foundation for a competitive workforce through specialized training, funding, and strategic retention efforts.


Workforce Development is dedicated to the creation, implementation, and facilitation of quality short-term educational programs, funding opportunities, and student-centered supports by being responsive to business/industry and community needs.

Strategic Priorities

  • Support the mission and goals of the College
  • Streamline access to workforce training and specialized funding sources
  • Create and foster industry partnerships


Our Programs


Roofers Apprenticeship Program
(253) 474-0528 /


Workforce Development Training & Education Program Funding Sources

Funding for programs offered through Workforce Development come from a variety of sources including state agency partnership programs, employers, federal grants, as well as sefl-funding. Some of these funding sources are:

To get assistance determining eligibility for these programs, go to STARTNEXTQUARTER.ORG

Short-term Contract Training, Grants, and Special Projects


  • For-credit
  • Certificate Programs
  • Professional Certification
  • Grant-funded
  • 1 day to 1 quarter
  • Transcript Available
  • Online, Hybrid, and Face to Face
  • Standard Registration Process



  • Multi year grant-funded training contracts



  • Sector related partnership training projects (e.g. construction trades, aerospace, clean energy, IT)
  • Workforce and Industry partnership contracting



Who We Are:

Cristeen Couchet - Director

Workforce Development

Michelle Barre - Manager

Workforce Special Projects

Petra Perkins - Manager

Continuing Education

Roxanne Sou

Workforce Program Assistant

Roland Alba

Workforce Office Assistant

Les Sessoms

Employment Navigator

Kate Wendland - Liaison/Lead

Workforce/Worker Retraining

Haley Saucedo - Program Assistant

Workforce/Worker Retraining

Kate Campbell

Special Projects

Jim Hairston

VIE 25

Theresa Hoffman

Employment Security