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Dental Assistant

Our Dental Assistant Degree typically takes just five quarters to complete — you can get a great education and get ready for a great career in just over a year!

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Our next program info session for Dental Assistant is September 27 at 3 p.m. in Building 14, Room 107 . Come meet the instructors, see the classrooms, and learn how you can get started!

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You can start the Dental Assistant degree or certificate program fall or spring quarter.

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How Much It Costs

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How Long It Takes

Dental Assistant Degree: 5 quarters

Dental Assistant Certificate: 5 quarters

All program lengths are estimates and are not guarantees.

Potential Careers

Graduates may find employment as dental assistants. In Washington, median pay for dental assistants is

$40,100 per year.

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Career Pathway

This is not a guarantee of employment or a certain wage. Full career data available at

What You'll Learn

  • How to select appropriate instruments, materials, and equipment for various dental procedures.
  • How to anticipate the dentist’s needs based on the procedure being performed.
  • How to correctly identify facial landmarks and dental anatomy.

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Degrees & Certificates

Within our Dental Program, we offer both a Dental Assistant Degree and a Dental Assistant Certificate.

Dental Assistant Degree

Type: AAT

Avg. # of Quarters: 5

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Dental Assistant Certificate

Type: Certificate

Avg. # of Quarters: 5

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Meet the Instructors

Roberta Wirth, an instructor at Clover Park Technical College near Tacoma
Roberta Wirth
Roberta Wirth graduated from CPTC’s Dental Assistant program in 1983 and worked in pediatric and general dentistry for seven years in Tacoma. She’s been teaching at CPTC as a full-time instructor since 1990. She has an MS from Liberty University in Human Services with an emphasis on Executive Leadership.
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Debra Carson-Lewandowski, CDA, RDA, an instructor at Clover Park Technical College near Tacoma
Debra Carson-Lewandowski, CDA, RDA
After graduating from CPTC in 1974, Debra worked for 13 years in small private offices and a large-group practice. Debra also received her associates degree from Tacoma Community College in 2015. She’s been teaching since 1987 and is the vice president of the Pierce County Dental Foundation.
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Hannah Precour, an instructor at Clover Park Technical College near Tacoma
Hannah Precour
Hannah Precour graduated from CPTC in 2010 as a Certified and Registered Dental Assistant with a Dental Assisting Degree in Applied Technology. Hannah worked in an Endodontic specialty office for four years and continues to work part time as a dental assistant in a small family practice.
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