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Diversity Committee

Clover Park Technical College welcomes, values and respects the differences and commonalities of all people. We demonstrate commitment to diversity and equity by celebrating our differences and treating everyone with fairness and respect.

Diversity Committee Members

Diversity Committee Members

CPTC's Diversity Committee

  • Rae Baghirov - Chair
  • Sheli Sledge - Past Chair
  • Cherie Steele - Recorder
  • ASG Student Representatives
  • Rae Baghirov
  • Marla Briggs
  • Yuko Chartraw
  • Lisa Fortson
  • Jim Gordon
  • Michele Jones
  • Joylene Perez

Campus Diversity Survey Results

The Diversity Committee at Clover Park Technical College conducted a survey to assess impressions of faculty, staff, and students about the current levels of diversity on campus and about the importance of creating and maintain a diverse campus. The following is a summary of some of the information gained from the survey.

In what ways, if any, do you think the College is currently supporting diversity?

  • Clover Park is a welcome College open to anyone who wants to learn!
  • By allowing all races, ages, gender & ethnicities have an opportunity for education
  • Lack of any kind of prejudice tells me that diversity is being supported, in that nothing is holding anyone back, other than one’s own actions
  • I don’t know if the college is supporting diversity, but the college is definitely diverse

What diversity activities/trainings would you like to see occur for CPTC faculty and staff?

  • Mandatory diversity training for all new employees; retroactive training for current employees
  • Activities that promote awareness of learning styles, disabilities, and cultural differences
  • Workshops to promote cultural competency and diversity implementation
  • Something that explains what diversity is and how to work with a diverse group of people

What diversity activities/training would you like to see occur for our CPTC students?

  • Events, presentations similar to those available during Black History Month
  • Learning disabilities screening for students
  • Cultural intelligence and generational diversity workshops
  • Activities that would allow people from all ethnic groups to meet together and learn more about other ethnic groups from around the world

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