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Application Info

After an extensive review focused on better preparing our students for success, we have made changes to the application and prerequisites for the Practical Nursing Program.

As of July 1, 2014, the application process is open, with the following changes:

Applications will only be accepted with an active Washington state NAC license and completion of all required pre-requisites as listed. If you have questions regarding the pre-requisites please contact the Counseling and Advising Department at 253-589-5548.

Students must have a high school diploma or equvialency, and they must receive a grade of B or higher in the following required prerequisite courses:

  • ENGL& 101 English Composition (5 credits)
  • BIOL& 241 Human A & P 1 with lab and (5 credits)
  • BIOL& 242 Human A & P 2 with a lab (5 credits)
  • BIOL& 260 Microbiology with lab (5 credits)
  • NUTR& 101 Nutrition
  • PSYC& 100DIV General Psychology (5 credits)
  • PSYC& 200 Lifespan Psychology (developmental psychology) (5 credits)
  • CHEM& 121 Intro to Chemistry with lab (5 credits)
  • And one of the following math courses: MATH& 141 Pre-Calculus I, or MATH& 146 Introduction to Stats, or MATH& 151 Calculus I

Certificate Info

The Practical Nursing (PN) certificate program at Clover Park Technical College prepares graduates for entry into the nursing profession as a practical nurse and to work under the direction of a licensed registered nurse, licensed physician or dentist.

Certificate Info at a Glance

Type: Certificate

Approx. # of Quarters: 4

Estimated Cost: $6,682.36

Admission Dates: Spring and fall quarters

CPTC courses with an “&” in the course name are transferable to other Washington State educational institutions. Upon successful completion of college prerequisites, the CPTC nursing graduate with an unrestricted and current PN license with 500 hours of practice can pursue an AAS-T RN degree. Information about the NCLEX-PN exam is available at www.

Program Overview: Clover Park Technical College’s Practical Nursing Certificate program consists of 60 credits of nursing courses and 50 credits of general education courses. In addition, all students entering the practical nurse program must have completed a state-approved nursing assistant program (NA-C), successfully passed the state exam, and maintained their nursing assistant license throughout the program.

Students are admitted to the program twice a year, starting spring quarter or fall quarter on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications are accepted at any time with guaranteed admission, provided all prerequisites are met. This PN program focuses on the art and science of nursing. Learning will be achieved in the classroom, by simulation in the skills laboratory, and in clinical practice settings. Students will attend class and laboratory educational learning experiences on campus. Clinical learning experiences are obtained in various health care settings in the community under the guidance of nursing faculty. Classes and laboratory experiences are offered during the day between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Clinical experiences are largely scheduled between 6:30 a.m. and 11:30 p.m. The college reserves the right to schedule clinical experiences during evening and/or on weekends if necessary, and students may be required to travel up to 50 miles for clinical site.

Clinical experiences provide students with the opportunity to care for a variety of clients in acute, long-term, mental health and outpatient facilities.

Application Process: Download and complete the LPN admissions packet at Applications are also available in-person in the nursing department. We do not have an application submission deadline. Applications are accepted year-round.

Employability Requirement: Graduates must pass the NCLEX-PN exam and meet state eligibility requirements, including a criminal background check, in order to apply for licensure. Persons with some types of criminal convictions may not be eligible for licensure. Information about the NCLEX-PN exam is available at nclex.htm.

Physical Activity: This occupation requires medium physical activity and lifting/handling objects weighing 10-25 pounds (occasionally up to 50 pounds) and handling body fluids. Nurses are often standing for long periods of time. For safety and protection of patients, the student nurse must be able to perform basic cardiac life support, including CPR, and function in stressful and/or emergency situations. Students must be able to safely assist a patient in moving from bed to a chair, commode, or cart.

Program Length: This program is designed to be completed in four quarters. Remediation may be possible on a case-by-case basis and availability of program resources.

Admission Dates: Fall and spring quarters.

Important Note: If the student is taking prerequisites at CPTC, students must meet COMPASS scores required for placement into the core academic courses.

If the student is taking or has taken prerequisite courses at another educational institution, (s)he must have credits evaluated prior to submitting the application. The student must request an official college transcript be sent to CPTC Enrollment Services for evaluation and complete a transfer credit request form. Mail your official transcript to Clover Park Technical College ATTN: Credential Evaluator (Bev Custard). Any questions or concerns regarding transferring credits can be made to the following email: Your transcripts will be evaluated and a report will be mailed to you.

The Evaluation Transfer Report must be submitted to the nursing program before application deadlines. (No exceptions for lateness.) It is the student’s responsibility to ensure their application is complete and the nursing program receives the required documents. Documents can be submitted to the nursing department by mail or scanned and submitted via email to

Prerequisites: Provide documentation of proof of successful completion of the following:

  • High school transcript or high school equivalency diploma
  • Completion of the following academic prerequisites:
  • General Education Courses: You must achieve a B (3.0) or better in the following:
    • CHEM& 121 Intro to Chemistry with lab (5 Cr.)
    • ENGL& 101 – English Composition or ENGL& 235 Technical Writing (5 Cr.)
    • MATH& 141 Pre-calculus I or MATH& 146 Introduction to Stats (5 Cr.) or MATH& 151 Calculus I
    • NUTR& 101 Nutrition (5 Cr.)
    • PSYC& 100DIV General Psychology (5 Cr.)
    • PSYC& 200 Lifespan Psychology (developmental psychology) (5 Cr.)
    • BIOL& 241 Human A & P 1 w/Lab and BIOL& 242 Human A & P 2 w/ Lab (10 Cr.)
    • BIOL& 260 Microbiology with lab (5 Cr.)

Speaking, understanding, and writing the English language is required.

State-approved nursing assistant course (NA-C), and current unencumbered/unrestricted NA-C certification from the state.

American Heart Association CPR for the Health Care Provider. This includes adult, child, and infant, under the guidelines of the American Heart Association. Online CPR courses are not accepted.

Proof of health care insurance prior to the deadlines set for enrollment. Students are required to carry personal health/medical insurance throughout their clinical rotations. Quarterly based insurance for students may be purchased; further information is available through the Advising and Counseling Office. No student will be allowed at clinical sites without proof of insurance.

The student must receive a No Record on File Report Related to Crimes Against Persons from the Washington State Patrol.

Immunization Instructions: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. You must have the immunizations listed below, but you are not required to submit any documentation to the nursing department prior to the first day of class. Please note: TB and seasonal flu vaccines are required annually and must be kept current throughout the program. You will be required to upload proof of immunizations into a program called Certified Background during your first weeks in class. This is a requirement that must be met in order to attend clinical rotations.

Instructions for uploading these documents will be provided during your program orientation before the start of the quarter. You will not be allowed to attend clinical site rotations until proof of the required immunizations is met.

Required Immunizations include: Hepatitis B 3 part series PLUS positive titer, Tetanus/Diphtheria, Pertussis (Tdap); TB: (1) 2-step TB screening or if negative TST within 12 months then a one step TST or if newly positive TST then follow up with health care provider and will need to complete health questionnaire. If history of positive TST, provide documentation of TST reading, proof of chest X-ray documenting absence of M, TB, medical treatment and negative symptoms check.

Measles/Mumps/Rubella (2 injections or 1 injection and positive titer) and verification of immunity to Varicella.

Seasonal flu immunization

Note: Immunization requirements may change, based on Center for Disease Control guideline, college, and/or clinical facility policies. Clinical facilities may require drug screening prior to clinical placement.

Program Requirements

Course # Course Name Credits
NURS 117 Fundamentals of Nursing 4
NURS 120 Medical Surgical Nursing I 3
NURS 122 Pre-Pharmacology 2
NURS 123 Basic Health Assessment & Skills I 5
NURS 124 Mental Health Nursing 3
NURS 125 Pharmacology in Nursing 3
NURS 126 Basic Health Assessment & Skills II 3
NURS 128 Contemporary Maternity Nursing 3
NURS 130 Nursing of Children 3
NURS 131 Medical-Surgical Nursing II 3
NURS 133 Medical-Surgical Nursing III 4
NURS 145 Medical-Surgical nursing IV 4
NURS 149 Clinical Practicum I 5
NURS 153 Clinical Practicum II 5
NURS 154 Issues & Trends in Nursing II 2
NURS 161 Clinical Practicum III 4
NURS 164 Clinical Practicum IV 4
  Total Credits for Completion 60
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