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The CPTC Behavioral Intervention Team is a multidisciplinary team that supports faculty, staff and students in proactively addressing students of concern on our campus. BIT exists to proactively identify, intervene and respond to student behaviors that cause others concern and/or fear that the students poses a danger to self, others or the college community. The Behavioral Intervention Team is part of CPTC's campus safety efforts.


To proactively build and sustain community with a comprehensive, collaborative team that identifies behaviors that risk harm to self or others.

Assist students via educational rather than punitive means, according to established procedures while protecting privacy and individuals' rights.

Monitor problematic behavior by providing consultation, referrals and support to staff and faculty.

Online referrals coming soon.


The CPTC Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) investigates unusual student actions and interactions to develop appropriate intervention plans as necessary.

The following steps help guide the CPTC Behavioral Intervention Team:

  1. To serve as a central reporting center for faculty and staff to report “students of concern.” Students of concern are students presenting unusual classroom behavior perceived as threatening to themselves or others.
  2. To interview faculty, staff or the student making a report.
  3. To develop a plan of intervention.
  4. To interview the student of concern.
  5. To take appropriate action and make appropriate referrals when necessary.

Please Note: BIT is not meant to replace standard classroom management strategies or usual college resources and services like Counseling, Student Conduct, Disability Resources for Student or other resources. If you have a concern about possible threat of harm to self or others, refer to BIT.

How to Alert the Team

Gather Information & Documentation

Through direct observation or disclosure of information identify possible warning signs and determine the severity of the student behavior. Please see the Student of Concern Categories and follow the appropriate response.

Contact a Behavioral Intervention Team Member

Contact a Behavioral Intervention Team member who will connect you with the designated BIT screener for that time period by calling 253-589-5522 or emailing

Ted Broussard
VP of Student Services
Claire Korschinowksi
Associate Dean of Instruction
Sheli Sledge
AA Student Services
Hope Stout
Access Coordinator
Carrie Van Beek
Ron Wright
Coordinator Student Services

Student of Concern Categories

Category One: Conduct

Unusual, annoying or disruptive behavior that is not dangerous or threatening in the classroom.

Appropriate response: Refer to CPTC support page. Document all behaviors and any discussions, meetings, or actions taken.

Category Two: Behavior

The student exhibits behavior that is perceived as unusual or disturbing, but does not include physical contact or clear threats of harm. For example, innuendo, perceived stalking, strange expressions, veiled threats, etc.

Appropriate Response: Contact Behavioral Intervention Team member to make a report AND refer to CPTC support page.

The team will plan an intervention with the student, with input from faculty and security, if applicable.

Category Three: Threat

The student has threatened to harm themselves or someone else. There is a clear and direct threat or target.

Appropriate Response:

  1. Contact 911 immediately.
  2. Contact Security at 253-589-5682
  3. Notify your supervisor.
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