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Student Awards Ceremony

Student Awards Ceremony

If you were notified that you have been nominated to receive an award at the 2016 Student Awards Ceremony, please RSVP here.

If you nominated someone to receive an award at the 2016 Student Awards Ceremony, please RSVP here.

The Office of Student Programs, in partnership with the CPTC Associated Student Government, hosts the Annual Student Awards Ceremony as a way to celebrate those exemplifying academic and community leadership at Clover Park Technical College.  The nomination process begins every winter, when students, faculty, and now staff from across the campus can nominate individuals for 8 award categories. These categories include:

  • Outstanding Student of the Year
  • June Stacey-Clemons Advocate of the Year
  • Student Organization of the Year
  • Faculty Member of the Year
  • Transformation Award (Staff Nominated Only)
  • Academic Excellence (Faculty Nominated Only)
  • Service to the Community Award (Faculty & Staff Nominated Only) 

The nomination process is simple. Students, faculty, or staff can visit the online submission page, answer a few questions, and submit their nominations. Whether it’s because a student is a great leader, awesome parent, or just all around wonderful human being – this award ceremony is looking to honor all types of excellence. All students, faculty, and staff  are encouraged to nominate someone they feel has made a difference.

For those who nominate others or who are nominated, the Awards Ceremony itself is an event not to be missed. Nominators, nominees, and their families have the opportunity to dress up, enjoy a catered reception and get a few photos taken by professional event photographers. More importantly, the students nominated by their peers, staff, and faculty get a chance to see how truly important their presence at Clover Park has been. This year's 4th Annual Student Awards Ceremony will be hosted on June 8th, 2016.

The deadline for 2016 nominations is May 13, 2016

2015 Leadership Award Winners

Presidential Award

Adam Yunker

Outstanding Student Leader

Linda Rick

Service to the Community Award

Deronda Thomas

Outstanding Student Organization

CPTC Motorsports Club

June Stacey-Clemons Student Advocate of the Year

Randy Holt

Faculty of the Year

Jeromy Condon

2015 Academic Award Winners

Aerospace, Technology, Manufacturing and Workforce

Matthew Dahl and Ronald Denning

Health, Business and Human Services

Katrina Sullivan and Haley Duggan

Basic and Academic Transfer

​Shakira Robinson