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Tuition/Fee Refund Policy

3.22 Tuition/Fee Refund Policy


  1. The ASSET Assessment Test Fee is non-refundable.
  2. The Admission Fee is non-refundable.
  3. For State Funded classes, the tuition and laboratory/supply/technology fees will be refunded for a payment period upon official withdrawal according to the following schedule:
    • 100 % Prior to the first day of instruction.
    • 80% First through fifth day of instruction
    • 40% On or after the sixth day of instruction through the twentieth calendar day following the beginning of instruction
    • 0% Twenty-first calendar day through the end of the payment period.

Financial Aid recipients are subject to the Title IV Return of Funds policy stated in the catalog.

  1. For Self-Support classes, the following schedule will apply:
    • 100% When the College cancels the class.
    • 100% When a student withdraws from the class on or before one business day prior to the first day of class. To officially withdraw from the class, the student can come to the College in person, call registration at 253-589-5666 or fax a request to be withdrawn to 253-589-5852. The College must receive the fax on or before one business day prior to the first day of class.
    • 0% When a person registers but does not attend the class. No refunds are available after the class has started.

Self-support classes are indicated by an ‘*’ at the end of the course description, to the right of the class fee.

Course Cancelations

The fees charged for self-support classes cover all costs of offering the class. The college cancels a class only when there are too few participants enrolled to cover the cost of the class. The college reserves the right to cancel classes, reschedule classes or change instructors. The decision to cancel a class is made before the starting date of the class. The college makes every effort to notify registrants. Students will list home telephone number and email address on their registration forms. If the class is canceled students will receive a refund.

  1. Programs canceled by the College will be refunded at 100 percent of the fees paid but unused as of the cancelation date.
  2. Refunds will not be granted for students withdrawn for disciplinary reasons.
  3. Upon official withdrawal, refunds will be made by mail to the student, his or her respective funding agencies, or, at the discretion of the college, his or her legal guardian, if the student is under 18 years of age.
  4. Students called for military active duty will be granted a refund of tuition and laboratory/supply/technology fees paid for the current payment period, subject to the rules and regulations of their respective funding sources. Presentation of written confirmation is required.
  5. The re-entry fee is non-refundable.