New Employee Orientation | Clover Park Technical College
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New Employee Orientation




Indoctrinate new full/part-time employees within fourteen (14) days from first day of work.


  1. Provide overview of the college infrastructure
  2. Meet the President (video)
  3. Understand college vision / mission
  4. Show mandatory video training; i.e. Safety, Blood borne Pathogens, Sexual Harassment


  1. The Vice President for Human Resources will oversee the New Employee Orientation Program.
  2. The Classified and IUOE non-exempt new employee will be sponsored and the orientation coordinated by the Union Presidents.
  3. New faculty will be sponsored and orientation coordinated by the Faculty Mentor/Assistance Coordinator.
  4. New administrators will be sponsored and the orientation coordinated by a vice president or other level of administrator.
  5. The Human Resources Generalist will inform the Vice President for Human Resources of new full-time employees.


  1. The Vice President for Human Resources or a Human Resources Generalist will contact the IUOE/Classified non-exempt staff Union President and the Faculty Mentor/Assistance Coordinator.
  2. The Classified/IUOE Union President and Faculty Mentor/Assistance Coordinator will provide a sponsor for the new employees.
  3. The sponsors will contact the Vice President for Human Resources or his/her designee for instructions and sponsor check list. (Attachment 1)
  4. Sponsors will contact the new employee to schedule orientation.
  5. Sponsors will accomplish the following:
    1. Use the New Employee Orientation Checklist to complete new employee’s orientation
    2. Coordinate with other sponsors so as to schedule group meetings as much as possible.The Vice President for Human Resources will provide the names of other sponsors currently active.
    3. Complete new employee orientation no later than ten (10) working days from assignment as sponsor.
    4. Return checklist to Vice President for Human Resources when checklist has been completed.
  6. Supervisors of new employees will provide time for their new employee (and sponsor) to be oriented within ten (10) workdays.