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Grades & Grade Reporting

5.10 Grades & Grade Reporting
Year Adopted
2004, 2019


The quality of a student’s performance is measured by a grading system using grades “A” through “F”. The grade for courses is calculated into a student’s GPA using quality points of 4.0 through 0.0. With the exception of A+ and D-, faculty may opt to use either “+” or “-“ designations with grades.

Each program establishes criteria for achieving each grade based on the percentage scores and specific assessment criteria as listed in the course syllabus.

Some programs require the student complete each individual course with a “C” (2.0) or higher to progress in the program. Faculty of these programs may omit the use of “D” grades.

Other grades:

I Incomplete

An Incomplete indicates the student completed most of the course requirements at the passing level and intends to complete the missing work with no extra instruction.

N Audit

No grade point assigned. Does not meet course requirements.

P Pass

No grade point is assigned. Passing indicated by “C” (2.0) or higher. May not meet program requirements.

R Repeat

Assigned when a student repeats a course. A course may be repeated no more than twice (defined as the initial enrollment plus two repeats).

V Vanish

No grade point assigned. Considered an unofficial withdrawal for lack of attendance. Instructor initiated.

W Withdraw

No grade point assigned. Student officially withdraws from a course or courses. Student initiated.

Official Record of Student Grades

The official transcript is the only official record of student grades. Posting grades in CANVAS or any other LMS is not the official record of student grades.

Grades may not be posted in classrooms or any other area by faculty. This is a FERPA violation.

Grade Changes

Student grades may be changed by the faculty teaching the course.

Grade Changes must be retained by the Registrar or other designated administrative office for five years following last quarter attended or SBCTC Grade Change Retention Policy, whichever is longer.

Grade Retention

Grades must be retained for the length of time a student has to appeal a grade plus one quarter.

NOTE: If an instructor leaves the college prior to the designated retention period, their grade book/s must be retained by the Student Learning Office or other designated administrative office per SBCTC Grade Retention Policy.


Student Grades

Faculty will submit grades quarterly using Instructor Briefcase by the date provided by the Director of Enrollment Services. Grades are A, B, C, D, F. Plus or minus may be used except for A+, D-.

The Director of Enrollment Services or designee will audit grade files for missing grades and contact faculty. Department chairpersons or deans will be contacted for missing grades if necessary.

Grades will be posted to the official student record by the fourth business day after the end of the quarter. Students may access grades online using MyCC. Grades are no longer mailed.

Other Grades


Faculty will:

  • Complete the CPTC Incomplete Grade form indicating the work the student needs to complete.
  • Determine when the incomplete work will be submitted, but no later than the last day of the following quarter. Incomplete grades that are not made up in the designated time frame will be changed to a grade of “F”.
  • Submit the Incomplete Grade form signed by both the student and the faculty member to the Director of Enrollment Services by the grade due date of the current quarter.

NOTE: Students using Federal Financial Aid must complete the terms of their Incomplete Grade contract by the 10th instructional day of the following quarter.

  • A student may enroll to audit a course with permission of the program faculty.
  • The student will be expected to pay the tuition and fees for the course.
  • The student will not be required to complete the terms of the syllabus.
  • Registration status changes from credit to audit or audit to credit are not permitted after the start of the course.
  • The “R” will be placed next to the lowest grade.
  • All repeated courses and grades will remain on the transcript.
  • Only the highest grade received for the course will be used to calculate the GPA.
  • Students may repeat a course in which they have not earned a passing grade for their program of study.
  • SBCTC allows for a student to take a course once and repeat that course two more times at the in-state tuition rate. If a student takes the same course four or more times, the out-of-state undiscounted tuition rate will be charged.
  • Financial Aid recipients and veterans should check with the Financial Aid and/or with the VA Certifying Official regarding funding for repeated courses.
  • Faculty initiated.
  • If a student does not attend the first two class sessions and/or comply with the established attendance policy for the class or the program, the faculty member must send the following information to the Enrollment Services and Financial Aid offices:
    • Student name.
    • Student identification number (SID).
    • Course name, number and item number, e.g. ENGL& 101 item 0500
    • Last date of attendance.
  • Enrollment Services staff will assign a “V” for vanish and update the student record as needed.
  • The last date for faculty to vanish students from classes is the 35th instructional day of the quarter.
  • Following the 35th day of the quarter, student will receive the grade earned for the class.
  • Student initiated.
  • Students who wish to withdraw from a course must do so by dropping the course online or by completing an official add/withdrawal form available in the Enrollment Services office on their last day in class.
  • Failure to withdraw will affect grades, financial aid and possible refunds.
  • Withdrawals through the 5th instructional day after the start of a course will be considered a drop and will not appear on the student transcript.
  • Withdrawals starting the 6th through the 35th instructional day of the quarter will result in a “W” on the student transcript.
  • Students who withdraw on the 36th instructional day through the end of the quarter will be assigned the grade earned at the end of the quarter.
  • A student may be administratively withdrawn from classes for failure to meet course or program prerequisites.
  • Enrollment Services will notify students of an administrative withdrawal.

Students may request grade changes by contacting the instructor for their course. If approved, faculty must submit the grade change to the Enrollment Services using email (preferred) or the paper grade change form. The following information must be included for the grade change:

  • Student first and last name.
  • Student ID number (SID).
  • Course for which the grade is to be changed.
  • The new grade.

NOTE: Enrollment Services will only accept grades, grade changes, or incomplete grade forms submitted by faculty members vs. students and/or work study students.