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Associated Student Government

the 2013-2014 associated student government at clover park technical college near tacoma

Proposed Changes to the Bylaws of the Associated Students

The Student Council, through a standing committee recently completed their annual review of the Constitution and By-Laws. Each year the Student Council is required to review these governing documents to ensure we are maximizing our impact on student success and access, campus life and shared governance. 

To summarize, the Constitution & By-laws Committee has added and/or developed the following areas to the proposed documents:

  • Formatting: Fixed punctuation, grammar, redundancies and indentations. Established consistencies in the layout (i.e. headers, bullet points, fonts and table of contents).
  • Organizations Officer Position: Refocused positon to better support student advocacy and emergency services provided by the Office of Student Involvement.
  • Student Council Responsibilities: Added “operating a motor vehicle with approval from advisor” component to general responsibilities to streamline the approval/reimbursement process.
  • Hiring Committee:  Fixed the discrepancy in committee makeup. Previously, there was an uneven amount of voting members on committee with the advisor serving as an ex-oficio member.  Advisor has been added as a voting member to ensure continuity from year-to-year, formalizes the process and ensures that the supervisors have a voice in the process. 

Proposed Bylaws of the Associated Students with Track Changes as of May 3, 2016

This is an exciting time for the ASG and students of Clover Park Technical College. We look forward to continuing to serve the student body both now and in the future.

The Student Council is scheduled to formally vote these governing documents at their regularly scheduled meeting in mid-May. Open forums are scheduled for Wednesday May 4 immediately following Clubs Council in Building 23, Room 212, and Tuesday. May 10 from 12:30-1:30 PM in Building 23, Room 212. Before these documents are presented for adoption, the Student Council will also be hearing recommendations and comments to the proposed documents at their regularly scheduled meeting on May 16 at 1:00PM in Building 23, Room 209.

Should you have any comments, questions or feedback about these proposed revisions, please contact Jen Petersen, Vice President of Student Council and committee chair of the Constitution & Bylaws Committee at or 253-589-5685. 


Jennifer Petersen
Vice President of Student Council 

Student Council

Is an advocate of the student voice and a partner with other governing units. The Student Council oversees the administration of the ASG. Council meetings, which are open to the public, are held on a regular basis while CPTC is in session. 

Campus Activities Board

Promotes and coordinates a well-balanced program of student-initiated activities that enhance health and wellness, cultural, social and recreational needs of the Associated Students outside the classroom aimed at enhancing student life.

Peer Ambassadors

Increase student success, retention and completion by providing students with opportunities to engage with students in meaningful ways that offer support, encouragement and the resources they need to achieve their educational and personal goals.

Looking to Get Involved with ASG?

Whether it's joining or starting a club, serving on a campus committee, or volunteering for ASG events, there are many opportunities for students to get involved with ASG. If you are looking for short-term ways to get involved please contact the ASG President at or 253-589-5685.

Our ASG selection process for official Student Government positions begins every spring quarter. A hiring committee (predominately made of students, along with advisors from the Office of Student Programs) will review applications, conduct interviews, and hire students into the various 19 position titles based on strengths and ability to work as a team. This process, as opposed to an elections-based system, ensures that the best-qualified candidates are selected and are able to do the work required to represent the thousands of CPTC students.

Leadership positions are an 11-month commitment lasting from August until June. Not only is your service to students great for your resume and a fantastic way to develop skills, but it is also pays $10.43/hour for 12-19 hours per week. For more information on the ASG selection process, contact the ASG Administrative Officer at or 253-589-5685.

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