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Refreshments/Meals for College Activities

3.11 Refreshments/Meals for College Activities
Year Adopted


The College may provide coffee or light refreshments to be served at meetings under conditions specifically authorized by state guidelines and the Office of Financial Management.


1. Refreshments

The cost of light refreshments such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, and snacks for Board meetings, staff meetings, training sessions, committee meetings and workshops held within the college may be paid by the college, providing such refreshments are an integral part of the meeting.

2. Meals

Meals may be furnished or reimbursed by the college to employees (or others the agency is legally authorized to reimburse) attending college approved meetings, workshops or training sessions when the meetings or formal training sessions are away from the employee's or official's regular work place, regardless of travel status and without regard to the three hour threshold rule. Reimbursement for meals shall not exceed the college approved limits for reimbursement of meals.

3. Volunteers

In consideration for the performance of services to the college by volunteers who are not otherwise compensated by the college, the college may provide to such volunteers, refreshments and/or meals under the above stated guidelines. The college may provide/reimburse the cost of refreshments and/or meals when consumed in the course of conducting college business which is determined by the President or designee to be directly beneficial to the college.

This approval/reimbursement procedure is not intended for use with the normal daily business or employees, but rather for special situations or occasions as determined by the Vice President for Operations and Facilities or designee.

4. Food and Beverage Authorization Request Form

When it is desirable to have the college provide reimbursement for light refreshments, a Light Refreshment Authorization Request form must be submitted for approval to the Vice President for Operations and Facilities or designee prior to the expenditure being incurred.

5. Expenditure Documentation

To provide adequate documentation to meet legal requirements, each expenditure for refreshments and meals shall be supported by vendor receipts and statements that indicate the following:

Purpose for incurring the expenditure, i.e. the type of meeting, etc. Type of items and cost of food and beverage consumed

List of participant

6. College Food Service

To minimize cost, employees responsible for scheduling meetings are encouraged to contact the college Food Service Contractor regarding provisions for refreshments and/or meals at meetings.