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Clubs & Organizations

Students Walking on Campus

Do you have a hobby, interest or idea that you would like to share with others on campus? Why not start a club? Each year the ASG dedicates thousands of dollars to student clubs and organizations in order to fund events and activities. If you are interested in joining a club or have an idea for a new club, check out the links below or contact the Student Leadership & Involvement Coordinator at

Registered Clubs & Certified Groups 

Club Motorsports
Wayne Bridges, 253-589-5608

The Aviators Club
Chandel Bielka

Club Cyber Techs
Jody Randall, 253-589-5856

Joseph Ortiz, 253-589-5580

Dental Assistants Club
Hannah Precour, 253-589-5967

Design & Engineering Club
Poppy Bushnell, 253-589-5681

Eco Club
Kathryn Smith, 253-589-5829

Game Development Club
Christopher Felch, 253-589-5559

League of Extraordinary Plane Doctors
Ben McConkie, 253-589​​​​​​​8934

Mechatronics Club
Carl Wenngren, 253-589-​​​​​​​5561

Nursing Club
Cathy Westberry, 253-589-4515​​​​​​​

Phi Theta Kappa
Irene Hauzinger, 253-589-5610

Resources for Clubs & Organizations

For all forms related to club activities, please visit

Club Council Meetings (all meetings will be held in Bldg 23, Rm 215)

Wed, Oct 4th, 3-4pm
Wed, Nov 1st, 3-4pm
Wed, Nov 29th, 3-4pm