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Registration Instructions

If this is your first time using CPTC's web registration, please read the instructions below. If you've used CPTC's web registration before, you may go directly to the Registration Login Page.


Before you begin, you must have course item numbers ready. You can find the course item numbers for our current classes in the quarterly class schedule.

In order to register you must have a student ID and PIN. Payment must be made with a credit card at the time of registration. If you have questions or problems with web registration, contact the student records office at 253-589-5666.

Registration Login Page

  1. In the SID field type your Student Identification Number—that’s the nine-digit number assigned to you.
  2. In the PIN field, type your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Your PIN is your date of birth in six digits, unless you have changed it yourself. Example: May 3, 1976 would be 050376.
  3. From the “Select Quarter” drop-down list, choose the quarter you want to register for.
  4. Click the “Register” button. This will take you to the welcome page

Welcome Page

After logging in, you will see a welcome page with your name. If the name that appears on the welcome page is incorrect, contact the Admissions/Registration office as soon as possible at 253-589-5666.

Information Request Page

If an information request isn’t already in your student record, you will be required to select the appropriate answer for each question. After you complete all the questions click “Continue.”

Note: starting summer quarter there are questions on the information request regarding gender and sexual orientation. This is part of a state-wide initiative to include LGBTQ demographic questions on registration forms at Washington community and technical colleges. We encourage students to provide this confidential information so that we can provide programs and services that are inclusive and equitable for all populations.

The Registration Page

Use the boxes on the left side of the screen to enter the item numbers for the classes you want to register for.

You may enter up to five item numbers at a time. If you have more than five item numbers, enter the first five and click on the “Submit Add/Drop” button. This will register the five classes you entered, and you can then enter the remaining item numbers and click the “Submit Add/Drop” button again.

Adding and Dropping Classes

In the item number fields on the left side of the page, enter the item number of the classes you want to add or drop. If you do not have the item numbers, you can find them in the current class schedule. To drop a class you’re enrolled in, you can find the item numbers listed under “This is your schedule.” Once you’ve entered the item numbers to add or drop a class, click on “Submit Add/Drop.”

Error and Informational Messages

As you submit item numbers for classes that you want to add or drop, you may see error or informational messages appear on the top horizontal frame of the Registration page. These messages provide valuable information about the classes that you are attempting to add or drop.

Error messages inform you when a problem has occurred that will block registration for the specific class. Examples include “This class is cancelled” or “Invalid item number.”

Informational messages provide additional information about the class you are adding or dropping, but do not block registration. Example: “Warning: dropping classes may affect your financial aid.”

If you have questions about an error or informational lesson you receive, please call the appropriate office. If the message does not refer to any office, contact Student Records at 253-589-5666.

Verifying Your Address

Select the “My Address” button at the bottom to see the current address on record. If the address is not correct, follow these steps to update it:

  1. Click the “Change My Address” button on the Current Address Information frame.
  2. Make the changes in the address and phone fields as necessary. Click the “Submit Address” button. If your address is successfully changed, a message will pop up indicating this.
  3. Click OK. The new address will be displayed.

Viewing and Printing Your Class Schedule

To view and print a copy of your schedule, changes and payments:

  1. Click “Finish” at the bottom of the page.
  2. Click on “View My Schedule” at the top left. This will open your most current schedule.
  3. Press Ctrl+P and print

Reading Your Schedule, Charges, and Payments

As you add or drop classes, your schedule appears in the center of the Registration page. Information listed for each class includes the item number, course identifier, credits, audit class identifier, class days and times, building and room number, class fees and instructor’s name.

Web registration is “real time” or immediate. You should see an immediate change to your schedule whenever you add or drop a class.

Charges, payments, financial aid, and refunds for tuition and fees are listed on the bottom horizontal frame of the registration page. Only tuition and class fees are included in the listing of charges and payments. Make sure your tuition and fees are paid by the fee payment deadline for the quarter or you may be dropped from your classes for non-payment.

If you are being funded by Financial Aid, VA, Worker Retraining, Work First, or any other funding agency, please contact them for information regarding payment of your tuition and fees.

Ready to register? Here’s the registration log-in page.