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College Assembly


The mission of the College Assembly is to provide key direction, ensure the implementation of the strategic plan and alignment with accreditation core themes and college initiatives, guide and recommend policy and elicit participation and engagement from the college community. 


The purpose of the College Assembly is to think and act strategically on issues of governance and policy.  The College Assembly will serve as a primary conduit for information and recommendations concerning the College. The College Assembly has the following roles: 

  1. Collaborate and reach consensus on strategic priorities, mission fulfillment, and the college policy 
  2. Advise the College President
  3. Facilitate a process to follow up on proposals to enhance the efficiency of operations and maintain the quality of education 
  4. Provide a forum to share and disseminate information.  


  • Kristin Copeland, Chair - English Department Faculty

  • Vacant, Vice Chair

  • Karina Calzada, Communications - Instructional Program Assistant

  • Vacant, Past Chair 



  • ASG Legislative Officer

  • Kezia Clark - Surgical Technology Faculty

  • Bill Coyner - Professional Pilot Faculty

  • Lisa Fortson - Assistant Financial Aid Director

  • Kiana Jenkins - ASG President

  • Kevin Kildun - Running Start Counselor

  • Cris-Jon Lindsay - Computer & Network Engineer

  • John Moyer - Graphic Technologies Faculty

  • Haley Rye - ASG Vice President

  • Loreta Sandoval - Math Department Faculty

  • Kate Wendland - WorkFirst Program Liaison