Graduation applications are due in the Enrollment Services office by October 21, 2016 for all students completing their programs at the end of the Fall 2016 quarter.
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Why Choose Clover Park Technical College?

Clover Park Technical College is a great choice for your education — it's less expensive than other options, and our students get hands-on training that prepares them for a great career. But don't just take our word for it. Watch the videos below to hear from a few of our students about their experiences at Clover Park Technical College.



How Has CPTC Transformed Your Life?



Hear from students about how CPTC has transformed their lives



Why Did You Come to CPTC?



Hear from students about why they chose to come to Clover Park Technical College.



Overcoming Barriers



CPTC students talk about the barriers they faced in their education and how they overcame them.

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