Practical Nursing Program Outcomes

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  • Student’s ability to promote human dignity, integrity, self-determination, and personal growth of all patients, oneself, and all members of the health care team utilizing effective and therapeutic verbal, non-verbal, written and electronic communication.
  • Student’s ability to provide a rationale for judgments used in the provision of safe, quality care and for decisions that promote the health of patients with acute and/or chronic illness, within a family context.
  • Student’s ability to assess how one’s personal strengths and values affect one’s identity as a nurse and one’s contribution as a member of the health care team.
  • Student’s ability to question the basis for nursing actions, considering research, evidence, tradition and patient preferences.
  • The program’s three-year mean for the NCLEX-PN licensure exam pass rate will be at or above the national mean for the same three-year-period.
  • A minimum of eighty percent of the students enrolled in the original cohort will complete the program within six quarters.
  • A minimum of eighty percent of graduated students will report having obtained employment with one-year of graduation.
  • Students will report satisfaction with their self-assessment of preparation for entry-level positions six to twelve months post-graduation.
  • Employers will report satisfaction with graduate preparation for entry-level positions six to twelve months post-graduation.
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