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Nondestructive Testing Program Outcomes

  • Complete a project integrating the knowledge gained in all previous courses and that demonstrates the application of theory and practice.
  • Have general knowledge of welding processes and what a proper weld would look like.
  • Have a general knowledge of the various manufacturing processes that involve NDT.
  • Identify the methods of nondestructive testing and define each one.
  • Identify various discontinuities that are specific to each method and manufacturing process.
  • Describe the fundamental parameters of manufacturing processes and the advantages, limitations and factors to be considered when choosing a manufacturing process.
  • Be able to identify the various certification and qualification standards used in NDT: i.e. SNT-TC-1A, ANSI/ASNT CP-189, NAS 410, and ANSI/ASNT CP-105.
  • Read and understand blueprints.
  • State the fundamentals of physical metallurgy and heat treating and its application in industry.
  • Troubleshoot problems encountered doing each of the 5 major NDT methods.
  • Demonstrate the principles of Lean and 5S.