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Prepares successful students for employment and practice in a variety of workplace settings. Graduates from this program are qualified for positions at spas, clinics, hospitals and successful private practices.

Degree Info at a Glance

Type: AAT

Approx. Time for Completion: 2 years

Estimated Cost: $8,877.56

Admission Dates: Fall quarter - Lakewood day class. Spring quarter - Lakewood evening class

Students develop a strong foundation in Swedish massage and deeptissue techniques. Clinical massage students benefit from advanced training in treatment applications and assessment. Teaching techniques are varied, addressing a wide variety of learning styles.

All students enrolled in the program are required to participate in the exchange of applied massage techniques in a supervised and professional setting. Participation in the student-operated massage clinic allows students to gain experience in the profession while under instructor supervision.

Topics covered include, but are not limited to, massage theory and practice, anatomy, physiology, pathology, kinesiology, orthopedic assessment, pregnancy massage, sports massage, deep tissue, myofascial techniques, lymphatic drainage, on-site seated massage, hydrotherapy, hot-stone massage and mini-spa applications.

Business classes introduce the skills and theories necessary for successful employment, such as professional ethics, goal setting, business planning, insurance billing, networking and communicating with health care professionals, marketing, job networking, résumés and interviewing.

Included in the Associate Degree program are academic courses in communication (English composition, speech), quantitative reasoning (math) and social sciences (psychology, sociology) that provide knowledge and abilities that enhance personal development and serve as a foundation for technical skills. These classes are offered at various times outside the regular Massage program hours.

Students pursuing an AAT or AAS-T degree must complete all college degree requirements prior to graduation. This includes courses that meet the requirements for diversity, computer literacy and the capstone project.

Employability Requirement: Graduates are able to apply for licensure from Washington after passing either the National Certification Examination or Federation of State Massage Board Examination. State requirements include completion of a minimum 500-hour program, pass the exam, and apply for licensure. A Washington State Patrol background check will be conducted to screen for prior convictions prior to state licensing. Persons with some types of criminal convictions may not be eligible for licensure.

Program Length: The Associate Degree program may take two years, depending on the time students need to satisfactorily complete all graduation requirements.

Admission Dates:
Day Program: Fall quarter.
Evening Program: Spring quarter.

Prerequisites: A medical statement of health status from a primary care provider stating that the student is able to safely participate in all aspects of the class is required to enter the program. That statement must be submitted to the instructor on the first day of class.

Potential students entering the program must test at college level in reading on the COMPASS or have completed English 94. Students must also have documentation of training in standard first aid and CPR and a four-hour HIV/AIDS/blood-borne pathogens class. A Washington State Patrol background check is required to progress to the second quarter. Some results from the background check may prevent individuals from participating in certain classes.

Program Requirements

Course # Course Name Credits
MASST 110 Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology I 5
MASST 111 Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology II 5
MASST 114 Swedish Massage Theory 5
MASST 115 Clinical Massage Techniques 4
MASST 116 Complementary Massage Modalities I 3
MASST 117 Swedish Massage Practice 4
MASST 123 Clinical Application of Massage Therapy 4
MASST 126 Kinesiology: Upper Extremity 2
MASST 130 Kinesiology: Trunk 1
MASST 131 Assessment and Treatment of the Back 2
MASST 133 Deep Tissue Massage Theory 4
MASST 134 Deep Tissue Massage Practice 4
MASST 136 Complementary Massage Modalities II 2
MASST 137 Kinesiology: Head and Neck 1
MASST 139 Clinical Massage Business and Ethics I 1
MASST 143 Massage Business and Ethics I 2
MASST 144 Massage Business and Ethics II 2
MASST 145 Orthopedic Assessment 4
MASST 146 Kinesiology: Lower Extremity 2
MASST 147 Clinical Massage Anatomy and Physiology I 3
MASST 149 Clinical Massage Theory: Special Populations 5
MASST 151DIV Clinical Massage Practice: Special Populations 3
MASST 153 Assessment and Treatment: Upper Extremity 2
MASST 155 Assessment and Treatment: Lower Extremity 2
MASST 157 Assessment and Treatment: Head and Neck 2
MASST 158 Practicum I 3
MASST 159 Clinical Massage Business and Ethics II 1
MASST 160CAP Practicum II 3
MASST 162 Student Clinic 2
MASST 163 Clinical Massage Anatomy and Physiology II 3
ENGL& 101 English Composition (or higher) or CMST& 220 5
MAT 105 Math for Industrial Professions (or higher) 5
PSYC& 100DIV General Psychology (or other social science or humanities class that meets the diversity requirement) 5
Computer Literacy Requirement Course to meet computer literacy degree requirement
(or successful completion of computer literacy exam)
  Total Credits for Completion 104
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