Medical Laboratory Technician Program Outcomes

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  • Interpret laboratory test results to common diseases or clinical conditions of the patient.
  • Perform routine clinical laboratory tests without supervision after appropriate training.
  • Decide using critical thinking skills and predetermined criteria the course of action to take when an abnormal result occurs.
  • Recognize critically abnormal laboratory test results and make decisions based on pre-determined protocol.
  • Perform quality control procedures and choose appropriate actions based on quality control results.
  • Participate in ongoing continuing education activities to remain current of new techniques and changes in the profession, and for professional growth.
  • Operate the laboratory computer information system to assess and report patient test result data.
  • Troubleshoot laboratory instrument and equipment failure.
  • Recite the appropriate emergency acronyms for fire or disaster protocols.
  • Accept constructive criticism from instructor or supervisor regarding performance.
  • Ask questions to clarify information received.
  • Train and orient new staff in department procedures.
  • Adhere to appropriate institutional dress protocol.
  • Obtain employment in the profession within six months after graduation.
  • Demonstrate leadership and problem solving skills.
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