Graduation applications are due in the Enrollment Services office by October 21, 2016 for all students completing their programs at the end of the Fall 2016 quarter.
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Computer Information Technology Program Outcomes

  • Successfully program in two or more programming languages.  Program in Visual Basic, Java, C# or C++/PHP.
  • Query two or more databases using structured query language.  Learn to use Mysql, Access, Sql Server to query the data using SQL.
  • Work with a team to design, develop, and test an application.
  • Use software engineering principles to manage software lifecycle development – write use cases, implement use cases with a formal language, and test using testing frameworks.
  • Document software and methods for technical as well as end use.
  • Work with local industry partners or self-proposed project to apply technical skills and standards.
  • Use source control software to manage and maintain code within a team.
  • Prepare to work in the field of information technology as analysts, programmers, testers, web programmers, and operations support personnel.
  • Script websites using different web technologies to create static as well as dynamic websites.
  • Debug and troubleshoot programs to identify and fix defects.
  • Design and develop a user interface, code the application features for a Smartphone, an iPhone or an Android.
  • Test whether a student can take an existing program and find the bug that needs to be fixed.