Human Services: Chemical Dependency Specialist Certificate

Introduces students to basic concepts related to chemical dependency prevention and treatment.

Certificate Info at a Glance

Type: Certificate

Approx. # of Quarters: 3

Estimated Cost: $4,027.40

Admission Dates: Fall, winter, spring and summer

Prerequisites: Students must attend a mandatory orientation/advising meeting with the Instructors. Must possess a minimum of an associate’s degree and consent to a background check. Students must consent to and receive a “No Record on File” report related to Crimes Against Persons. Students are advised, a “No Record on File” report related to Crimes Against Persons is generally required by agencies offering internship or employment. Students who do not meet the internship site requirement will be dropped from the course. Note: PSYC& 100DIV is a prerequisite to PSYC& 200 and 220.

The certificate will provide students with the academic background to understand content, models, theories and research relevant to working with chemically dependent persons and their families and prepare them for entry level employment. It is ideal for working professionals who already have a degree but are in need of the specific coursework to obtain state credentials. The required certificate coursework covers most of the content areas required for the chemical dependency professional credential issued by the Washington State Department of Health (See RCW 246.811 Washington Administrative Code [WAC] Chapter 246-811). This accelerated certificate program is approximately three quarters in length, depending on the time students need to satisfactorily complete all graduation requirements.

This certificate has an I-BEST enrollment option. The Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training (I-BEST) option is designed specifically for adults at the basic skills level. Initial eligibility is determined by qualifying CASAS scores of 221 – 255 in Reading and/or Math and a minimum of 221 in CASAS Listening for English Language Learners. For detailed information contact the I-BEST Program Specialist 253-589-5524.

Program Requirements

Catalog # Course Name Credits
PSYC& 220 Abnormal Psychology 5
PSYC& 200 Lifespan Psychology 5
HSCD 135 Introduction to Chemical Dependency 3
HSCD 140 Ethics for Chemical Dependency 2
HSCD 145 Physiological Actions of Alcohol & Drugs 3
HSCD 155 Chemical Dependency & Counseling I: Individuals & Groups 5
HSCD 215 Case Management & Recordkeeping for the CDP 5
HSCD 226 Chemical Dependency & Assessment 2
HSCD 228  Chemical Dependency & the Law 2
HSCD 249 Chemical Dependency & Counseling II: Adolescents & Family 5
HSCD 251 Relapse Prevention 3
*CAH 105 Computer Applications 2
*COLL 105 Career Development 2
  Total Credits for Completion 40-44


*This is a required course for students enrolled in the I-BEST option.