Hemodialysis Technician Program Outcomes | Clover Park Technical College
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Hemodialysis Technician Program Outcomes

  • Attain entry-level skills to perform venipuncture while understanding the importance of vascular access.
  • Students must complete all modules in the online classroom with a 80% or better score.
  • Comply with government CMS standards and maintaining the safety of the patient.
  • Define the basic principles of diffusion and osmosis relating to dialysis; will be able to identify normal kidney function.
  • Demonstrate appropriate theory and principles as they relate to the end stage renal failure and its complications with Hemodialysis.
  • Learn to setup\operate the dialysis machine per policy and procedure. Students will also learn about and complete computer patient charting.
  • Perform dialysis procedures in a professional manner.
  • Prepare and mix solutions for a dialysis treatment.