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Prepares students for careers at commercial printing companies, sign companies, quick print and copy shops, in-plant shops, specialty printing companies, advertising agencies, web design and e-publishing, and newspaper and magazine offices.

Degree Info at a Glance

Type: AAT or AAS-T

Approx. # of Quarters: 5

Estimated Cost: $10,317.10

Admission Dates: Fall and spring quarters

Students participate in work-based learning activities.

Innovations in computer technology continue to rapidly change and expand the field of graphic technologies. Therefore, the following courses of study may be subject to change in order to offer training based on current industry standards.

This program is approximately five quarters in length, depending on the time students need to satisfactorily complete all graduation requirements.

In addition to the program course requirements, students must also complete the general education requirements for the degree they seek to obtain. The two degree options in this program are the Associate of Applied Technology (AAT) or the Associate in Applied Science–T (AAS-T). The different requirements for each degree are listed below:

AAT Degree General Education Requirements (15 credits)

  • ENGL& 101 English Composition or CMST& 220 (or higher)
  • MAT 105 Math for Industrial Professions (or higher)
  • PSYC& 100DIV General Psychology (PSY 112DIV, SOC& 101DIV, or other humanities course that meets the diversity requirement)

AAS-T Degree general education requirements (20 credits):

All AAS-T degrees must have a minimum of 20 credits of transferable general education. These credits replace the academic courses required for the AAT degree. Required credits include:

  • 5 credits in communication: ENGL& 101
  • 5 credits in quantitative reasoning: MAT 110, MATH& 141, MATH& 142, MATH& 146 or MATH& 151
  • 5 credits in a social science that meets the diversity requirement (PSYC& 100DIV or SOC& 101DIV)
  • 5 credits in social science, humanities, or science (choose one from the following): PSYC& 100DIV, PSYC& 200, PSY 210, PSYC& 220, SOC& 101, ART& 100, MUSC& 105, ASL& 121, BIOL 118, BIOL& 160, BIOL& 175, BIOL& 241, BIOL& 242, CHEM& 121, CHEM& 110, GEOL& 110, PHYS& 114, ECON 101, ECON& 201 or ECON& 202

Students pursuing an AAT or AAS-T degree must complete all College degree requirements prior to graduation. This includes courses that meet the capstone project, diversity, and computer literacy requirements.

Program Length: This program is approximately five quarters long, depending on the time students need to satisfactorily complete all graduation requirements.

Admission Dates: Fall and spring quarters.

Prerequisites: None.

Program Requirements

AAT Program Course List

Course # Course Name Credits
GTC 110 Art, Design and Visual Thinking 5
GTC 123CL Macintosh Operations & Image Acquisition 5
GTC 130 Digital Imaging I: Photoshop 5
GTC 143 Electronic Publishing & Layout 5
GTC 149 Digital Imaging II: Photoshop 5
GTC 164 Prepress I 5
GTC 169 Intro to Vector-Based Illustration Software 5
GTC 174 InDesign I 5
GTC 203 Preflight 5
GTC 209 Advanced Vector Digital Illustration 5
GTC 210 Digital Imaging III: Photoshop 5
GTC 223 Prepress II 5
GTC 225 Advance Page Layout Principles 5
GTC 254CAP Capstone Class 5
GTC 260 Web Animation Design 5
GTC 264 Paper, Pricing & Estimating 5
GTC 265 Web Programming Basics 5
GTC 273 Web Graphic Design and User Experience 5
GTC 276 InDesign II 5
*GTC 278 Independent Study 4
*GTC 280 Internship 4
  Subtotal 99

*Students will choose either GTC 278 or GTC 280

Technical Course Requirements (Total) 99
General Education Requirements (See listing above) 15
Total credits for completion of AAT Degree 114


AAS-T Program Requirements

Technical Course Requirements
(same as AAT)
General Education Requirements
(see listing above)
Total Credits for Completion of AAS-T Degree 119

*Course assignments for summer are adjusted to accommodate a 9-week quarter.

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