Graduation applications are due in the Enrollment Services office by October 21, 2016 for all students completing their programs at the end of the Fall 2016 quarter.
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Esthetic Sciences Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate written and practical skills required for the application process and examination to obtain state licensing.
  • Demonstrate managerial skills and maintain current knowledge of state laws and industry standards that is necessary to operate in an existing salon or retail business, and/or establish a new small business.
  • Demonstration of professional behavior and attire, accountability, integrity and honesty.
  • Operate, handle and store tools/implements and equipment in a safe and sanitary manner.
  • Apply product knowledge of the industry in a retail sales and service environment.
  • Employ acquired interdisciplinary skill sets to educate clientele via consultation.
  • Perform employability standards such as customer service, communication and listening skills, performance paradigms (e.g., adaptability, responsibility, punctuality, cooperation, etc.) and work ethics.
  • Employ demonstrable strategies to build and retain clientele.
  • Perform basic practical skills in the areas of skin care, hair removal, makeup and body treatments.
  • Perform the basic critical skills to determine proper skin care, hair removal, makeup and body treatments for the individual client image and self-care.
  • Apply learned theory, technical information and related matter to assure sound judgments, decisions, and procedures.
  • Apply learned theory, manipulative skills and analytical skills to obtain licensure and competency in entry-level positions in esthetics and/or related fields.