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Digital Entertainment Design Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Digital Entertainment Design and Production degree, students will:

  • Apply artistic decisions that fit with the mood and atmosphere suitable for the client or project needs.
  • Apply elements of design, composition, and color theory to create professional work.
  • Design and assemble a complete production book that will cover the necessities of all aspects of the full production cycle for digital films and games.
  • Demonstrate the ability to properly delegate tasks that best fit within the needs of the project or client.
  • Write a full production breakdown according to the type of project.
  • Effectively communicate technical issues and design solutions through written, oral, and visual means.
  • Demonstrate proficiency and professional competencies with care and use of computer and video equipment.
  • Effectively present through oral, written, and graphic communication a design, research project, or skill demonstration.
  • Assess the project to compute the needs and timelines of the client(s) and/or project(s).
  • Justify the artistic and technical choices that have been made through production and communication.
  • Set up a production that follows a schedule and production book to construct a story.
  • ┬áProduce a professional project that summarizes the practice of the technical and artistic technique and skills.