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This program is designed to train construction professionals and facilities managers for building applications and systems that consume a minimal amount of non-renewable resources and contribute to environmental and personal health.

Degree Info at a Glance

Type: AAS-T Degree

Estimated Cost: $8,969.50

Approx. # of Quarters: 5

This program will prepare graduates for careers in resource energy management, indoor air quality, solar installation, home energy rating systems, and other specialties that support the design, building, and maintenance of sustainable living environments.

Participants will receive a solid foundation in applied mathematics, applied physics and communication. Students will also receive training in industry-specific applications using energy efficiency technology to diagnose building deficiencies. Advanced training in sustainable systems, solar (photovoltaic) systems, resource conservation management and weatherization will prepare graduates for a variety of careers within the construction and utilities industries, including careers as resource conservation managers, energy auditors, weatherization specialists, solar energy specialists and home energy raters.

Students pursuing an AAT or AAS-T degree must complete all college degree requirements prior to graduation. This includes courses that meet the requirements for diversity, computer literacy and the capstone project.

Program Length: This program is approximately five quarters long, depending on the time students need to satisfactorily complete all graduation requirements.

Admission Dates: Summer, fall, winter and spring quarters.

Prerequisites: None.

Program Requirements

Course # Course Name Credits
CONST 105 Measurement, Tools & Safety 2
CONST 108 Site Leveling, Plans, Codes & Materials 2
CONST 112 Footings and Foundations 3
CONST 116 Floor Framing 3
CONST 120 Wall Framing, Sheeting & Ceilings 5
CONST 122 Roof Framing 5
CONST 126 Roofing Materials & Installation 3
CONST 134 Exterior Finish 3
SBS 105 Introduction to Sustainability 3
SBS 110 Green Building Design 4
SBS 115 Sustainable Materials in Construction 4
SBS 120 Survey of Energy Ratings 4
SBS 125 Alternative Energy Systems 4
SBS 140 Insulation Basics 4
SBS 145 Building Envelope 5
SBS 150 Moisture Mitigation 3
SBS 155 Solar Basics 4
SBS 170 Diagnostics and Testing 3
SBS 175 Indoor Air Testing 3
SBS 180 Thermography 3
SBS 185CAP Service Learning Project 3
CMST& 220 Public Speaking 5
ENGL& 101 English Composition 5
MATH 105 Math for Industrial Professions 5
MATH& 141 Precalculus I 5
PSYC& 100DIV General Psychology 
(or other social science or humanities class that meets the diversity requirement)
Computer Literacy Requirement Course that Meets the Computer Literacy Degree Requirement
(or successful completion of computer literacy exam)
Transferable Biology, Chemistry, Geology, or Physics   5
  Technical Course Requirements (Total) 76
  General Education Requirements 20
  Total Credits for Completion 106

Optional Electives

Course # Course Name Credits
CONST 130 Stairway Construction 4
CONST 138 Interior Finish I 3
CONST 142 Interior Finish II 4
CONST 146 Deck Construction 3
CONST 150 Carpentry Trades 1

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