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Introduces Computer and Communications Security in an every changing environment where viruses, worms, and hazardous software that compromise data integrity and create multiple issues with today’s computer and network systems.

Certificate Info at a Glance

Type: Certificate

Approx. # of Quarters: 2

Estimated Cost: $2,918.60

Prerequisites: Students are required to have completed NSS 101, 105, 110 or its equivalent, or have obtained A+ and Net+ certifications. A meeting with the program instructor prior to enrollment is necessary for assessment purposes. Prior to completion, students must provide documentation of a background check with the Washington State Patrol. All the courses in this certificate count towards the Computer Networking & Information Systems Security (CNISS) AAT or AAS-T degree program.

Admission Dates: Fall, winter, spring and summer quarters

Analysis and understanding of security risks involved in operating a web site and developing appropriate levels of security will be covered. Additionally, students will be introduced to common techniques used to commit communications fraud, and be introduced to the history of hacking and its various forms.

This program is approximately two quarters long, depending on the time students need to satisfactorily complete all graduation requirements. Program hours are from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Program Requirements

Course # Course Name Credits
NSSB 202 Overview of Penetration Testing 5
NSSB 210 Security Learning Lab I 3
NSSB 215 Computer Forensics 4
NSSB 220 Security Learning Lab II 3
NSSB 231 Web Security 5
NSSB 245 Scripting 5
  Total Credits for Completion 25
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