Architectural Engineering Design Program Outcomes | Clover Park Technical College
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Architectural Engineering Design Program Outcomes

  • Assess and analyze client space needs for a new house.
  • Graphically assess and analyze a lot in a subdivision for potential placement of a single family house utilizing environmental parameters.
  • Research construction materials and design and drafting job opportunities.
  • Compute construction costs and analyze energy efficiency for a single family house design.
  • Design and present recommended site layout solutions based on environmental analysis.
  • Design and present new house design solutions for client’s space needs.
  • Develop a complete set of construction drawings for a single family house.
  • Communicate effectively technical issues and design solutions through written, oral, and visual means.
  • Establish a realistic design schedule and manage it effectively to produce a house design and construction documents, cost estimate and energy analysis.
  • Design and present new home plans for a client.
  • Create and edit three-dimensional computer model for client presentations and design solutions.