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6.20 Vandalism/Arson/Burglary


College employees are expected to act when they observe or receive a report that school property is being damaged, destroyed or stolen. However, do not put yourself in a position of physical danger. There may also be times when staff will discover that an act of vandalism, arson and/or burglary has already occurred. In all cases, notify the building administrator and security immediately.

Vandalism in Progress

  • Call Security x5682 and give location of vandalism in progress.
  • When adults are involved, do not attempt to apprehend but try to identify.
  • Attempt to stop or prevent further vandalism and apprehend or identify the persons, if possible. Get help if necessary.
  • Write down all available information.

Arson in Progress

  • Sound Fire Alarm if there is fire or smoke.
  • Call 9-911 -- State Arson in Progress and give location of arson in progress. Call Campus Security ext 5682.
  • When students are involved, attempt to stop and apprehend or identify, if possible.
  • When adults are involved, do not attempt to apprehend, but try to identify.
  • Prepare necessary incident report and submit to immediate supervisor for routing to Risk Manager.

Burglary in Progress

  • Do not attempt to apprehend burglar(s).
  • If possible, do not allow burglar(s) to become aware that they have been observed.
  • Immediately notify (9-911) Sheriff of location of burglary in progress. Contact Security x5682 as soon as possible.
  • Write down all available information.

Discovery of Vandalism, Arson, Burglary Acts or Attempts

  • Do not disturb anything.
  • Call Security at x5682.
  • Re-route personnel around affected area. Do not clean up or make repairs until authorized.
  • Write down names of anyone having information.
  • Itemize all stolen/damaged items, including serial numbers, make model numbers, color, etc.

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