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Multiple Measures Policy and Procedure Proposal


This policy is currently pending approval. For approved policies and procedures, visit our Policies and Procedures page.


This is a policy proposal that will be reviewed in an open forum on January 22nd from 1:30pm to 1:45pm in Building 23, Room 209. A document with policy changes tracked is available here and document with procedure changes tracked is available here.

Clover Park Technical College assesses prospective students’ skills using multiple measures prior to registering for academic class and some career training programs. These measures are used to place students in appropriate academic and program courses.

Multiple measures for placement include, but are not limited to the Accuplacer Assessment, ACT/SAT Scores, CASAS Scores, High School Equivalency Exams, High School Transcripts, and the Smarter Balanced Assessment. The Assessment Center also offers the Pearson Vue high school equivalency exam as well as the allowed Pearson Vue test inventory.

Students requesting accommodations to take the ACCUPLACER are referred to the Disability and Veterans Services Office.

Students requesting CASAS testing are referred to Transitional Studies.


There is a non-refundable fee to take the Accuplacer assessment if the student is not admitted to Clover Park Technical College. Testers are required to present picture identification in order to receive their test results.

The fee for the high school equivalency test is paid directly to Pearson Vue.


To be placed into math, English and some program classes, students may have scores set using multiple measures for placement.

  1. Students will provide unofficial college transcripts, official high school transcripts which may or may not show Smarter Balance results, official Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate scores, SAT, ACT, High School Equivalency (formerly known as GED) or CASAS scores to the Enrollment Services Office or to Outreach & Entry Services.
  2. Enrollment Services or Entry Services staff will evaluate the multiple measure provided by the student and subsequently, note on the student record the appropriate placement scores for math and/or English based referencing the Clover Park Technical College Placement Measures Grid.

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