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Disturbances (Intruders/Sit-ins/ Boycotts/Pickets/Demonstrations)

6.18 Disturbances (Intruders/Sit-ins/ Boycotts/Pickets/Demonstrations)


When demonstrations occur, the importance of listening before determining the course of action cannot be over-emphasized.

On-Ground Disturbances

  • Advise Vice President for Operations and Facilities and Security immediately.
  • Remain calm, use good judgment.
  • Tell all students involved to return to their classes.
  • Isolate demonstrators.
  • Attempt to keep students in their classrooms but do not use force. Keep halls clear of students while classes are in session (lock outside doors, panic bars).
  • Have garbage cans and wastepaper containers removed -- into locked rooms, if possible.
  • Keep hands off the students unless restraint is needed.


  • Report incident to supervisor and Security x5682.


  • Picketing by non-students must by state law be limited to an area off school grounds. If an administrator determines that students picketing on school property during school hours are a disturbance to the school, they should be told to leave or return to class.
  • Notify Vice President for Operations and Facilities and Security x5682.

Campus Intruders

An intruder is any person found on school premises who has not or will not register as a visitor according to State Regulation (RCW 28A.5B.101,110).

  • An intruder should be handled according to the following procedures:
  • Greet intruder in a polite and non-threatening manner. Inquire as to the purpose of his/her presence. If the person has no rightful reason to be on campus, notify Security x5682 with description of individual and location.

Staff Guidelines

  • Exercise good judgment and reasonable action to guard against escalating the disturbance/demonstration.
  • Record observations of any incidents, including date, time, place and names and actions of those involved and any intervention attempts. Report to Security x5682.
  • Maintain normal class operations as much as possible.
  • If the disturbance/demonstration is outside the building, keep students away from windows and shades down in order to keep students as safe as possible.