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College Committees Procedure Proposal


This policy is currently pending approval. For approved policies and procedures, visit our Policies and Procedures page.


This is a procedure sponsored by a direct-report level staff member, is posted online for comments and discussion. An email is sent to all staff and faculty. After 7 calendar days, online comments are closed and the Direct Reports make one of three decisions:

  1. Continue online comment period.

  2. Revise the procedure.

    1. After the procedure is revised, it's reposted for a 7-day comment period.

    2. After 7 calendar days, the Direct Reports discuss the procedure. If approved, it is signed by the direct-report level staff member.

  3. Move forward.

    1. If the Direct Reports determine that no revision is necessary, the procedure is signed by the direct-report level staff member.

A. Application:

This Procedure applies to all standing committees which are designated in the list under part B to: (1) have one or more ongoing purposes, and, (2) have at least five members, and (3) have indefinite duration (no specified termination), excluding the groups in part D.

B. Listing:

On behalf of the Office of the President, the College Assembly shall compile, maintain and publish a list of all standing College committees.

C. Committee Descriptions:

The list shall state for each standing committee:

  1. Its general purpose(s);
  2. How members are selected;
  3. How the chair is selected, and the identity of the current chair;
  4. Its regular meeting date, time, and location;
  5. Where agendas, minutes, and other records of its meetings are kept.

D. Exclusions:

This Procedure does not apply to:

  1. Temporary committees or task forces (those with a specified termination);
  2. Groups of employees who all report to the chair (staff meetings, President’s Cabinet, etc.);
  3. Groups which are created by and/or subject to collective bargaining agreements; or
  4. Tenure and hiring/search committees whose work consists primarily of discussion of personnel matters which are generally deemed to be confidential.

A copy of the 1.7P proposal can be downloaded here.

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