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Catastrophic Emergencies

6.21 Catastrophic Emergencies


To set up a central command center in case of a catastrophic emergency (major earthquake, airplane crash, explosion, volcanic eruption, military action) that renders the surrounding community and/or some of the College buildings unsafe for occupancy.

If a catastrophic emergency occurs, the first consideration is for the safety of the students and staff. All people should evacuate the building to a designated area where attendance should be taken. Any injuries should be attended to and reported to the Central Command Center.

A Central Command Center will be activated to provide emergency instructions to students and staff. Students and staff could be detained on campus until passage is determined safe into the surrounding community. Students should not be left unsupervised.

Telephones (if still working) should be used only for short, concise emergency calls. Students should not be allowed to use CPTC telephones during an emergency unless directed by a staff member to assist in a specific task.