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Microsoft IT Academy

Learn or enhance your computing skills with Microsoft IT Academy

Clover Park Technical College Library is now providing access to Microsoft IT Academy. The IT Academy provides online, self-paced training and tutorials on a wide range of Microsoft operating systems and productivity software including Windows operating system, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher and more.

IT Academy is a partnership between Microsoft and the Washington State Library and is funded through the Washington State Legislature. Through the State Library all public and community/technical college libraries are providing access to IT Academy to their customers. The Clover Park Technical College Library is administering the program for CPTC. Any CPTC student, faculty or staff member can utilize IT Academy to learn new software programs or upgrade current skills.

The Microsoft IT Academy offers three levels of technology courses: Basic digital literacy proficiencies, Microsoft Office training, and advanced skills for IT professionals. Participants can achieve certification following successful completion of a series of courses by testing at certification centers, or they may choose to complete selected courses without certification. While the training courses are available without cost, certification is obtained at the participant’s expense.

For additional information go to: http://www.sos.wa.gov/library/libraries/projects/ita/

Getting Started with Microsoft IT Academy

In order to access IT Academy, contact CPTC Library staff. You will need to provide your student ID number as well as a valid email address. You will be emailed instructions and a link to set up your account. 

To return to IT Academy after your initial login go to http://itacademy.microsoft.com and sign in using your Microsoft account.

Microsoft IT Academy works best using the Internet Explorer browser.

For additional information contact:

Doug Ammons
Shawn Thomas

Introduction to Computing with Digital Literacy

Those new to computing can learn basics skills using Microsoft’s Digital Literacy website at http://www.microsoft.com/digitalliteracy  No account or login is needed to use Digital Literacy.

Digital Literacy is designed for those new to computing and covers basic tasks such as using a mouse, a keyboard, word processing, setting up an email account, using the Internet and writing a resume.  

The Microsoft Digital Literacy curriculum has three levels:

  1. The Basic curriculum provides an introduction to computers including using a mouse and the keyboard.
  2. The Standard curriculum features courses that cover computing basics; using the internet and productivity programs such as Word and PowerPoint.
  3. The Advanced curriculum features four courses that cover setting up an e-mail account, creating a great resume, searching for content on the World Wide Web and social networking.

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