Receiving Your Financial Aid Funds

CPTC does not issue paper financial aid checks. Once your FAFSA is complete and processed by the Department of Education, you will receive a Clover Park Plus Card in the mail at your home address — it'll be in a bright green envelope from HigherOne. Please remember to keep your mailing address updated with the Registration Office, since the address that appears in your student records file is the address the Clover Park Plus Card will be mailed to.

If you are planning on having financial-aid funds of any kind disbursed to you directly, you have a choice on how to receive them. All options require you to have the Clover Park Plus Card from HigherOne. Here are the three choices:

  1. Activate your HigherOne account. You'll receive your financial-aid funds the first day of the quarter.
  2. Transfer funds to your personal bank account. Takes three to five business days from the first day of the quarter for funds to be transferred from HigherOne to your bank account.
  3. Have a paper check mailed to your home address. Takes up to seven business days from the first day of the quarter for the check to be mailed to your home.