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Financial Aid Five-Step Application

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Step 1Apply for Admission to CPTC

You can do that on our Application page. You must be an admitted student with a valid registration pin to view your info in the Financial Aid Student Portal.

Step 2Apply for a Federal PIN

You can do that at A federal PIN allows you to sign your FAFSA or renewal FAFSA online. If you are required to put your parents' information on your FAFSA, one of your parents will also need to apply for a PIN.

Step 3Complete One of the Following Forms and Submit It to the Federal Processor


Renewal FAFSA

You do not need to wait to file a tax return to complete the FAFSA. An income estimator is available.

After your FAFSA is processed, the Federal Processor will send you either a paper Student Aid Report (SAR), an electronic SAR or a SAR information Acknowledgement — which one you receive depends on how you submitted your FAFSA and whether you provided a valid email address. If you do not receive your SAR within two weeks of submitting your application, call the Federal Processor at 1-800-4FED-AID to check on your application status.

Remember: you can check the status of your file in the Student Portal.

Step 4Continuing and New Students Must Submit All Additional Documents by the Deadline

After the Federal Processor sends the Financial Aid Office a copy of your processed FAFSA data, we will post the information on the Financial Aid Student Portal, explaining what additional documents you need to complete your file and what actions you must take. You must be admitted to CPTC to access the portal. If you do not see that the Financial Aid Office has received your FAFSA info, please come to our office. Make sure to update your mailing address with both Registration and Financial Aid.

Submit all additional required documents and complete all requested actions by the deadline to ensure that your application is reviewed prior to the first day of the quarter. If all required documentation is not submitted by the deadline, it may result in a delay of financial aid, and you will be required to pay your tuition, fees, books and supplies until your application can be reviewed.


  • Summer Quarter 2014: April 11, 2014
  • Fall Quarter 2014: July 18, 2014
  • Winter Quarter 2015: Oct. 31, 2014
  • Spring Quarter 2015: Jan. 23, 2015

Step 5Complete the Direct Stafford Loan Application Online

Required for LPN and RN Prerequisites

If you would like to be considered for student loans, you must complete the Stafford loan application process

***NEW FOR CONTINUING STUDENTS *** Starting Summer 2014, Continuing students must complete Financial Awareness counseling every academic year. The website for Financial Awareness counseling is The school will be notified electronically within three to five business days from the time of completion. You can check your student portal to see when CPTC has received notification that this requirement has been completed.

Students who are first time borrowers at CPTC will not receive the first disbursement of their loans until approximately the 35th day of the quarter. This applies only to the first quarter that students receive loan funds.

Students taking nursing (LPN or RN) academic prerequisites who do not have a conditionally accepted LPN/RN application submitted to the Nursing Department must apply for a student loan, as they do not qualify for grant assistance. They qualify for student loans only, and only for a period of twelve consecutive months. Students in the Nursing Assistant program are not eligible for federal student loans.

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