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How do great public speakers get that way?

What advice do they have for the rest of us?

What can they teach us about overcoming
our fears and improving as speakers?


Well… You could buy a public speaking textbook or a how-to guide. You could take a college class. You could talk to someone you respect who’s a good public speaker. You could watch speakers on TV or online and try to emulate what you see.

All good ideas—but there’s another way, too. Why not watch, hear, and read comments from 50 outstanding public speakers offering free advice for improving your own speaking skills? This website presents just such a collection of expert suggestions.

Here you’ll find videos and transcriptions based on almost 30 hours of interviews with outstanding Pacific Northwest speakers from these fields:

  • Business
  • Entertainment/arts/literature
  • Journalism
  • Religion
  • Education
  • Government
  • Law/criminal justice
  • Sports/recreation/adventure

Everything on this site is an open educational resource (OER) covered by a Creative Commons license. Thus, you’re free to access, copy, modify, reuse, mix, or share any of its video, audio, or transcriptions free of charge or restriction, as long as you acknowledge that you found it here.

Dr. Phil Venditti, a communication studies faculty member at Clover Park Technical College since 2003, conducted the interviews of prominent speakers in 2013 as a sabbatical project supported by the college and was assisted by dozens of students and faculty members at CPTC and Mercy College (NY) in creating this website. You can contact Phil at phil.venditti@cptc.edu or 1- 253-254-9854.

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