Profile: Jonathan Waterman

Northern Exposures, —a companion volume to his popular >In the Shadow of Denali—, elucidates Waterman’s 30-year career, from ducking avalanches near the Gulf of Alaska to following aerial wolf poachers in the Interior or kayaking across the Arctic. His spectacular photographs lend a broader context and allow readers to fully understand his heartfelt argument for protecting these places.

Whether active, aspiring, or just armchair adventurers, readers will be inspired by Waterman’s career. Jonathan Waterman started shooting photographs on his expeditions three decades ago, but also found his calling and is principally known as a writer. He has starred in, filmed, and written films for television, including “The Logan Challenge” (PBS, 1991), “Surviving Denali” (ESPN, 1994), “Odyssey Among the Inuit” (OLN, 2000), ANWR Trek (PBS 2007), and Chasing Water (Pete McBride films, 2011) .

He’s mostly known for his time exploring the North, detailed in seven of his twelve books and in journals such as the Washington Post, The New York Times, Adventure, Hooked On the Outdoors, Outside, Backpacker, Climbing, and Rock and Ice.

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