Profile: Jim Madsen

I began working with youth and families at a Salvation Army Community Center 21 years ago while I was at the University of Washington getting my degree in Psychology. That job was a lot of fun and helped me figure out that I love working with teenagers. I took that experience and began a professional career working in the juvenile justice field for the last 18 years.

The first 17 1/2 years of my juvenile justice experience was with Juvenile Rehabilitation (JR) which is a small branch of the Department of Social and Health Services. JR serves the deeper end of the juvenile offender population and consists of Institutions, Group Homes and Parole Offices. Once I worked my way into the management ranks I was increasingly asked to conduct presentations, speak in front of groups and be a guest speaker for college classes and the longer I have done this the more I have honed my skills.

Six months ago I left state service and took a position as the Juvenile Court Administrator for Mason County. Our court provides probation services to youths adjudicated for committing crimes, supervision and support services for at-risk and truant youth, Guardian ad Litem work for abused and neglected kids and a 24/7 detention center for youth needing to be incarcerated. In my new role I continue to have to provide presentations, but now the audience includes county commissioners and the general public.

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