Profile: Becci Crowe

Specializing in Wildlife and Tribal Portrait Art, Becci’s desire to study both in their natural world has led to adventurous travel across 6 continents in over 45 countries around the globe. One of Becci’s journeys was to Rwanda in search of endangered Mountain Gorilla – the same area where Dian Fossey of Gorillas in the Mist did her research. Becci was one of the early foreigners to venture back into Rwanda following the genocide. Her experience tracking rare Mountain Gorilla led to an interview by National Geographic Adventure Magazine as part of an issue on the world’s top 25 adventure trips.

Becci grew up surrounded and immersed in the natural world in the Pacific Northwest and instinctively began drawing what she saw at an early age. She later developed a strong foundation in the sciences with a Masters Degree in Nursing and following a career as a Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist became a full time artist in 1996.

As an artist, Becci’s explorations provide a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for her work. Her art images are created with pen & ink. Favoring a technique called pointillism, her originals involve creating an image on paper literally dot by dot. The details require thousands of points placed one dot at a time and take weeks to complete.

After many years of travel to Africa, Becci was featured in a documentary called “As Close As You Dare – Africa” which was broadcast on PBS stations across the US. Shot on location in Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia it shares her passion for wildlife and art and immerses the viewer in the dangers, beauty, and humor of Africa.

A strong advocate for wildlife conservation and the preservation of world cultures, Becci presents programs on her travel, art, and wildlife experiences from around the world. Becci’s presentations, enhanced by video and photos, engage audiences of all ages. Becci was a speaker at TEDx Tacoma 2014 sharing her views on “The Art of Living an Unimaginable Life”. “My steps in the world are like the dots I place on paper, one following the other, not knowing for sure what the end result will be, but aware that as long as I follow my passion everything else will come. It will come in ways I could never have imagined.”

Becci supports conservation through her Art , speaking engagements and active participation in field research and is a Signature Member of Artists for Conservation. Wanting to live and work as close to nature as possible, Becci’s home studio in Puyallup has been designated by the National Wildlife Federation as a Certified Backyard Wildlife habitat.

“I seek the wild around me whether it’s in my own back yard or around the world. I see the wonders of the earth first hand and witness the critical importance of conservation, knowing that as the world evolves into a global community each of us, as individuals, impacts the future of life on earth.”

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